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  1. How to extend the life of hearing aids

    How to extend the life of hearing aids
    As we all know, the hearing aid is a very fine electronic product. Its internal components are small and compact, often accompanying you to participate in various social activities, and the working environment is more complicated, so it is more prone to problems than other household appliances. Extending the life span of the hearing aid, in order to reduce the hearing aid's failure rate, it is necessary to work and maintain the hearing aid, providing a good working environment for the hearing aid.

    1. After the hearing aid is removed, put it with your hand.

    Hearing aids are sophisticated electronic devices, which means

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  2. The working principle and use of hearing aids

    The working principle and use of hearing aids
    Nowadays, hearing aids can be said to be an important means of solving hearing impairment. So, do you know about hearing aids?
    Hearing before understanding the hearing aid
    Ear damage is roughly divided into three categories: conductive loss, mixed damage and sensorineural nerve damage. The causes of conductive damage include otitis media, sputum occlusion of the external auditory canal, external auditory canal atresia, otosclerosis, etc., while senile ear damage mostly belongs to Sensorineural nerve damage, accounting for the majority.

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  3. How many years can an ear canal hearing aid last?

    How many years can an ear canal hearing aid last?

    The life of ear canal hearing aids has no authoritative statistics at home and abroad. This is mainly related to the quality of hearing aid users and the quality of hearing aids. Under normal circumstances, there is no problem with an ear canal hearing aid for 6-8 years. . Of course, if you do not pay attention to maintenance during use, it will be corroded by sweat or battery fluid, and the impact will affect the service life of the ear canal hearing aid.
    Of course, the hearing aids after 6-8 years will have a rapid development compared with the current hearing aids. At that time, just like the black and white TV sets in your home have long since retired, after a few years of development of hearin

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  4. How to choose a hearing aid

    How to choose the right child hearing aid?

    How to choose the right child hearing aid? Professional fitting is essential! In the daily reception of hearing aid stores, we found that many parents have a phenomenon or misunderstanding for buying hearing aids for their children: parents only think that expensive models or good models are bought by others! Here are a few tips to teach you how to choose the right child hearing aid.
    1. Read the hearing report

    The child's hearing test report is just a few things: acoustic impedance, auditory brainstem potential ABR, multi-frequency steady-state ASSR, (tibia) CT imaging (displaying the middle, inner ear and inner auditory

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  5. How can hearing aids be used for a long time?

    How long is the life of the hearing aid? How can hearing aids be used for a long time?

    People often have the impression that the more expensive the hearing aid, the longer the life expectancy. But in fact, there are many people who say that the special expensive hearing aids that were bought a few years ago don't seem to last much longer. What is going on?

    In fact, the life span of a hearing aid has a lot to do with the user (or the user's family). It is like a mobile phone or a car. It has been used for four or five years, and it has been used for a year. . From the feedback data of all big-brand hearing aids, there are no particularly strong hearing aids, and there are no particularly vulnerable hearing aids. In fact, the lifespan of almost a

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  6. Hearing aid troubleshooting

    Hearing aid troubleshooting

    In daily life, if the hearing aid fails, it can be eliminated in some simple ways. Note that if you can't solve the problem in a simple way, please don't disassemble the hearing aid. Please go to the fittings to solve the problem.

    First, the sound is distorted or noise is present

    1) Check if the volume is too loud;

    2) Change to a new battery and check if the battery is exhausted;

    3) For the behind-the-ear hearing aid, check whether the sound hole of the ear mold i

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  7. Analysis of the causes of hearing aid damage

    Analysis of the causes of hearing aid damage

    Analysis of the causes of hearing aid damage

    The hearing aids we often say mainly refer to the hearing aids of international big brands. These hearing aid manufacturers have a reputation. After years of development, the robust conditions of the equipment have made the hearing aids not so easy to damage, but we still encounter equipment in actual use. The problem of failure, in addition to the factors of the device itself, the three reasons that cause the most damage are the human factors we often ignore.
    The use of hearing aids in different regions is different. This is a problem that we often overlook. For example, we found the dry maintenance method of hearing aids on the Internet. It helps the hearing device dry for 6 hours every day and dry all night because of different life in different regions. The environment is different, so the personalized maintenance

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  8. What are the types of hearing aid electronic drying boxes, what is the difference?

    The basic function and purpose of the electronic drying box of the hearing aid are the same as that of the ordinary drying box. The purpose of drying the hearing aid is to extend the life of the hearing aid. However, the drying effect of the electronic dryer is better and more thorough, and the purpose of drying the hearing aid can be achieved. And can be used for a long time;
    Ordinary drying boxes are often used for daily hearing aid placement, mainly to dry the moisture on the surface of the hearing aid. However, if sweat enters the hearing aid, the effect is not as good as the electronic drying box, and the purpose of drying the movement cannot be achieved, and it needs to be replaced frequently.
    General daily hearing aid maintenance can be consid

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  9. UV lamp sterilization application

    Hearing aids and some products that are in contact with the body or are in contact with the body should be sterilized by ultraviolet light.
    (1) In the application of surface sterilization, UV surface sterilization devices are widely used in food, electronics, semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, plasma TVs, crystal vibrators, precision devices, chemicals, medicine, health care, biology, beverages, agriculture and other fields. The UV light source illuminates the surface of foods, materials, etc., and has a fast, efficient, non-polluting bactericidal effect, thereby maintaining the high quality of the product. Compared with the traditional sterilization method, the surface sterilization has the characteristics of fast sterilization, continuous processing and batch processing, simple operation, and no secondary pollution in

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  10. How to extend the life of hearing aids

    How to extend the life of hearing aids
    For the hearing aid to wear beautiful and convenient to call. Please pay attention to the usual use:

    1 On a soft surface (such as a bed, sofa, etc.), carefully wear and remove the hearing aid, do not drop on a hard object.

    2 Clean the hearing aid at least twice a week, if the earwax should increase the number of cleanings. Clean the surface with a soft dry cloth and a cotton ball, and use a brush to remove the earwax around the mouth and the vent (because the sound port is blocked, the sound is made smaller, and the receiver is damaged). Remember not to wash with water. If the hearing port of the hearing ai

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