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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. How to protect your cervical spine?

    How to protect your cervical spine?

    All sitting in front of the computer staring at the screen of friends, please check:
    Is your neck bent forward or down now?
    2. Your line of sight to the front of the body, or staring down?
    3. Your head is to move forward, or keep in a natural position, the ear and shoulder at the same level?

    In fact, ah, the reason why cervical spine, in addition to the impact of trauma and fungal infections, modern urban people are mostly due to long-term accumulation of injuries.
    As we work day after day using the wrong posture, typing, sleeping, slowly unknowingly, the muscles, ligaments, joints, etc. of our cervical spine will become stiff, deformed and unbalanced, causing the spine to straighten out and emerge Spurs and disc herniation, and then the oppression of the artery oppression nerve.
    We actually have the opportunity to make changes. As long as the improvement of cervical muscle near the condition, pay attention

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