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Monthly Archives: July 2019

  1. hearing aid not woking,what Need to do if the hearing aid has no sound?

    hearing aid not woking,what Need to do  if the hearing aid has no sound?

    There is no sound in the hearing aid, possible problems: 1. The hearing aid malfunctions or the contact is poor, resulting in the hearing aid being silent; 2. The hearing aid microphone or the speaker sound hole (earplug, ear mold) is blocked by dirt or water vapor, so there is no sound; During the use of the hearing aid, some of the function switches of the hearing aid are touched, resulting in no sound of the hearing aid; 4. The hearing aid battery is dead, so there is no sound. There are many reasons for the silent situation. It is recommended that you take the hearing aid to the professional hearing aid fitting center, and ask the professional fitter to help you.

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  2. Correct use and maintenance of hearing aids

    Correct use and maintenance of hearing aids
    For the hearing aid to wear the result is elegant and convenient to call. Please pay attention to the usual use:

    1 On objects with soft surfaces (such as square beds, sofas, etc.), wear and remove the hearing aids and do not drop on solid objects.

    (2) At least two hearing aids should be cleaned at least twice a week. If the earwax is more, the clean number should be added. Wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth and a cotton ball to remove the sound holes and exhaust wax brushes (since the sound exit is blocked, the light makes the sound, and the receiver is severely damaged). Remember, you can't wash with water. If the hearing aid sound outlet baffle is tamper-proof, the baffle removes the ear wax removal, ensures that the surrounding bezel is clean, and replaces the new baffle in time to keep the ear canal clean. With the progress of people's survival, "hearing clearly and listening well" has become the goal that ever

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  3. How long does the hearing aid need to be dried?

    How long does the hearing aid need to be dried?
    1. Using an electronic dryer, in the general season, the custom machine can be dried in an electronic dryer for 0.5 hours per day, but in the winter it needs to be dried in an electronic dryer for 1 hour every day. (Note: This is exactly the opposite of a behind-the-ear hearing aid. The recommended drying time for a behind-the-ear hearing aid is 1 hour in summer and 0.5 hour in other seasons.) Always use an electronic dryer every day. It is too late to wait until the hearing aid has failed.

    Is it necessary to put the hearing aid into the electronic drying box every night to dry it?
    A professional perspective is needed to ensure sound stability

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  4. How to choose a hearing aid

    How to choose a hearing aid
    1. Age factor:
    Hearing aid selection has a lot to do with age factors. For example, children under the age of 10 are not easy to choose custom hearing aids. Customized (in-ear) hearing aids are made according to the patient's ear canal, and these ear canals are still changing. stage. As time changes, the degree of fit between the hearing aid housing and the ear canal wall also changes, which is prone to whistling, loss of loss, and the like. Children who are slightly older can choose, but they will have to replace the shell about 1 year after wearing. People who are inconvenient to operate are not easy to choose. For example, an elderly person with less flexible hands is less likely to choose a hearing aid with a smaller shape to avoid wearing trouble. In general, adolescents and middle-aged people will be more concerned about the degree of invisibility of hearing aids.
    2. Factors of hearing loss:
    Like choosing myopia glasses, the choi

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  5. Chopping board sterilizer and Disinfection Machine Household

    Cutting board disinfection is very important, take a look at these disinfection tips

    In normal times, people will definitely use cutting boards in the process of cooking. Various kinds of cutting boards provide convenience for people's practices. This is also a very great invention of our ancestors. An indispensable tool, it is very important for people to clean this work after using the cutting board. If it is not washed for a long time, the board will breed a variety of bacteria, which will directly affect our health. In everyone's kitchen, basically several types of color plates are used, one is a wooden cutting board, the other is a bamboo cutting board, and there are plastic and resin cutting boards, in fact, for each dish. Plates have a variety of different methods of cleaning and disinfecting.

    The first is the wooden floor cutting board. This kind of cutting board is relatively used, because most of the cutting boards are basically in pieces, so it

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  6. How to choose reeds and maintenance reeds for beginners?

    How to choose reeds and maintenance reeds for beginners?

    Musical instrument lovers
    Saxophone is an exquisite woodwind instrument that has been in existence for more than a hundred years. After a century, it is still loved by the public and tends to be popular, showing its charm. More and more people are beginning to learn saxophone, so many problems will follow. Today, Sartre Xiaobian takes everyone to talk about the issue of reeds.

    When playing the saxophone, the gas enters the flute through the tuyere at the top of the flute, causing the reed to vibrate, producing a source of pronunciation. Thereby forming the pronunciation of the saxophone, and then through the buttons on the tube, constantly changing the length of the vibration of the air column in the saxophone, producing different pitches, forming high and low undul

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  7. Why do hearing aids need to be dried and sterilized?

    The hearing aid is a very sophisticated electronic product. The hearing aid polymer material shell is composed of very thin wires, ultra-large integrated chips, microphones, receivers, switches and other electronic devices, such as placing it on the table stably. It is not easy to cause a malfunction.

    However, it must go out with the user every day. The tide and impact are the most terrible enemy of any external hearing aid. The moisture enters the hearing aid for a long time, which will inevitably corrode all the electronic devices in the hearing aid. The impact or drop will cause the microphone and receiver to shift position. Even internal wires and other components break. At present, the most popular custom ear canal hearing aids are not invulnerable. Earwax and any dirt can penetrate into the receiver or hearing aid, which will cause the hearing aid to work abnormally.

    Therefore, please be sure to carefully study the instructions or advice given to you by the man

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  8. Causes of cervical spondylosis

    Causes of cervical spondylosis

    1. Degenerative changes of the cervical spine
    Cervical degenerative changes are the main cause of cervical spondylosis. The degeneration of the intervertebral disc is particularly important. It is the first factor in the structural degeneration of the cervical vertebrae, and thus evolves a series of pathological anatomy and pathophysiological changes of cervical spondylosis. 1 intervertebral disc degeneration; 2 ligament - intervertebral disc space and hematoma formation; 3 vertebral body edge spur formation; 4 cervical spine degeneration; 5 spinal canal diameter and volume reduction.
    2. Developmental cervical spinal stenosis
    In recent years, it has been clarified that the inner diameter of the cervical spinal canal, especially the sagittal diameter, is not only related to the occurrence and development of cervical spondylosis, but also has a close relationship with the diagnosis, treatment, surgical method selection and prognosi

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