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hearing knowledge

  1. The hazards of hearing loss in the elderly, and daily health care

    The harm of hearing loss in the elderly

    Elderly hearing loss can cause a series of problems such as decreased auditory and speech communication ability, degraded quality of life, insufficient social exercise, etc., which requires extensive attention from the whole society and active early intervention.

    ▪️Decreased auditory and verbal communication skills

    The early stage of elderly hearing loss is dominated by high frequency drop, which is reflected in the drop in speech recognition rate, which is especially obvious in noisy environments. When the mid-to-low frequency also descends, it is difficult to c

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  2. The problems with hearing aids for New users

    New users wearing hearing aids, problems with hearing aids

    When you have just selected a hearing aid, although the hearing aid can help you hear more, remember that it does not restore your hearing to full normality. You should be patient and learn to use it for a while. If there is a problem with the hearing aid, especially the hearing aid or eardrum, please contact the matching personnel in time and should not give up wearing. Here are a few steps to use a hearing aid:

    1. Try to get used to all new sounds in a quiet home, listen to various background sounds, try to distinguish each sound, some sounds may be different from the sounds you are familiar with before, you must learn to distinguish them. If you feel tired wearing a hearing aid, you can reduce the volume or turn off the hearing aid, take a break, gradually increase the time you wear the hearing aid

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  3. Why do some users wear ear canal hearing aids for a long time? The ear canal is often wet?

    Why do some users wear ear canal hearing aids for a long time? The ear canal is often wet?

    The external auditory canal of the person is an open tube with one end closed, but the ear canal is blocked by the ear canal hearing aid, and the air mobility is greatly weakened. Thus, the sealing time is easy to form a "wet box", and the external ear canal skin moisture of some users. The amount of evaporation is large, and the humidity is greater after the hearing aid is used to close the external auditory canal, so the ear canal is particularly prone to moisture. Some users who have a history of chronic otitis media are prone to relapse. The moisture in the ear canal is particularly easy to contact and corrode the receiver and chip of the ear canal hearing aid, so maintenance is often required without paying attention to maintenance. A better improvement method is: it is recommended to make a vent hole for the h

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  4. What is the normal low frequency and high frequency loss in the hearing aid?

    What is the normal low frequency and high frequency loss in the hearing aid?

    I feel that the hearing aids always emit a rhythmic ringtone, may not have put the ear canal?

    You can make a judgment on the sound you hear first:

    If you are wearing a Phonak Hearing Aid, you will hear two consecutive, short beeps, such as “beep, beep, and beep”, which is a low battery tone, when the battery is running out, your The hearing aid will prompt you to replace the battery.

    If it is not a low battery sound, and you are wearing a custom machine, or RIC model, it may be a weak how

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