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Hearing Loss

  1. The hazards of hearing loss in the elderly, and daily health care

    The harm of hearing loss in the elderly

    Elderly hearing loss can cause a series of problems such as decreased auditory and speech communication ability, degraded quality of life, insufficient social exercise, etc., which requires extensive attention from the whole society and active early intervention.

    ▪️Decreased auditory and verbal communication skills

    The early stage of elderly hearing loss is dominated by high frequency drop, which is reflected in the drop in speech recognition rate, which is especially obvious in noisy environments. When the mid-to-low frequency also descends, it is difficult to c

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  2. Methods and techniques for daily maintenance of hearing aids

    1. The hearing aid should be kept clean

    Always keep your fingers clean and dry before wearing and operating your hearing aids. The microphone sound inlet is very narrow (1/16 to 1/8 inch) and is easily blocked by dirt.

    2. Hearing aids should be kept away from sharp objects

    When avoiding wearing or picking up a hearing aid, try to sit in a soft place (bed or sofa) so that once the hearing aid slides down, you can reduce the collision of the hearing aid.

    3. The hearing aid should be kept away from the heat source

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  3. Can hearing loss still recover?

    Can hearing loss still recover?

    Hearing is an indispensable ability in our lives, but now, for many reasons, some people's hearing is declining and it has a great impact on life. So, can hearing loss still recover? Let's take a look at the following.
    Some of the factors that cause ear hearing loss are severe traumatic damage to the sound-transmitting nerves in the ear, or due to insufficient blood supply to the inner ear for a long time, there is a problem of long-term nutritional supply, which causes functional lesions in the ear. The decline is difficult to mitigate and recover.
    Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is open to the ear, and the decline in hearing is often directly related to the kidney. Therefore, restoring hearing can eat some kidney-reinforcing foods such as

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