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  1. Hearing Aid Hearing Aid Selection Guide

    Hearing aids are an important aid to hearing impaired people. Now there are many brands of hearing aids on the market, there are many different types of hearing aids, and many people know the names of hearing aids. Today we have to do is to bring you a deeper understanding of hearing aids, I hope our introduction useful to everyone.

    Hearing Aid Hearing Aid Selection Guide
    Classification of hearing aids

    According to the method of conduction of hearing and hearing, hearing aids can be divided into conduction aids, bone conduction aids and tactile hearing a

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  2. Do not bend over to rub the foot lazy foot brush, say goodbye dead skin calluses

    Many people take a bath every day, but often ignore the care and cleaning of the feet, especially regular exercise friends, the accumulation of long dead skin will form calluses for a long time will lead to walking inconvenience. Today Jun Guojun recommend a "lazy foot brush" can easily remove the dead skin.

    Why lazy foot brush it? Because the back of the brush has a number of small suction cup, you can be fixed in the bathroom floor or bathtub at one end.

    When bathing, moving feet can remove the dead skin, no longer have to rub the rub rubbing the foot.

    Lazy feet wash your foot while doing foot massage. Clinical experie

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  3. How to choose the right Massagers for you from Massager

    How to choose the right Massagers for you from Massager

    Often hear someone ask how to buy leg massage, then talk about some of my experience today to buy leg massager, hope that you can help.

    What kind of leg massage how to buy leg massage
    Method / step
    Look at the appearance and workmanship. There are many types of leg massage, each with different, but no matter what kind of choice, the first thing is to look at the whole appearance of its work. A good quality leg massage, it looks stylish, exquisite workmanship, if the above is wrapped cortex, then carefully look at the quality of its skin and sewing level, the cortex should be soft, sewing needle and thread should be neat and firm. If it is made of plastic, then

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  4. What is the concentration of alcohol in the cochlear or hearing aid?

    Pharmacy can buy alcohol, usually with two concentrations - 75% and 95%. These two kinds of alcohol are filled with transparent plastic bottles or glass bottles. But the use is not the same.
    First of all we have to know what the meaning of 75% and 95% respectively. 75% is 100 parts of the solution from 75 parts of alcohol and 25 copies of water; 95% is 100 copies of the solution from 95 parts of alcohol and 5 copies of water.

    75% of the alcohol solution is commonly used in medical disinfection, such as you want to injections, you need to use this alcohol disinfection, as well as out of picnic to disinfect the tableware, with 75% of the alcohol solution. Because the most widely used, 75% of the current market is not only bottled alcohol, as well as portable alcohol tablets (see below).
    Concentration of 95% alcohol solution for wiping the UV lamp. This alcohol is commonly used in hospitals, and in the family will only be used for the camera lens cleaning, th

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  5. Hearing aid dry sterilization box working principle and invention patent

    Hearing aid dry sterilization box working principle and invention patent

    The present invention relates to a sterilization and sterilization apparatus for a hearing aid comprising a housing, a housing cover connected to the housing, the housing cover and the housing forming a receiving chamber for accommodating the hearing aid, Wherein the first ultraviolet tube emits ultraviolet light having a wavelength of 200-280 nm and the second ultraviolet light tube emits light at a wavelength of 160 to 120 nm, and at least one set of a second ultraviolet light tube, 200nm UV light. The invention has the advantages of super strong and thorough sterilization effect by the high intensity of the ultraviolet light of 254nm and the strong oxidation of ozone produced by the combination of ultraviolet light and air at 185nm, and the setting of the specular reflection layer enlarges the ultraviolet light Irradiation range,

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  6. Practical care tips for your hearing aid

    Practical care tips for your hearing aid

    Practical care tips for your hearing aid

    It is important to be careful to treat hearing aids. You will maintain years of work order and minimize potential problems in everyday use. Hearing aids may be strong, but can not be used improperly. Below you will find some valuable maintenance tips.
    Protect the hearing aids from contamination

    Always ensure that your fingers are dry and dry before touching hearing aids. The microphone input is very small and can be blocked by improper handling.
    Protect your hearing aids from moisture

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