The best hearing aid dryer, dehumidifier


After purchasing a hearing aid, the second most important thing you can do is to use a hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier.


When using an electronic dryer, you should pay attention to the following issues:


1. Do not leave the hearing aid in the electronic dryer for a long time;


2. When working on the electronic dryer, please close the cover;


3. When the hearing aid is placed in the electronic dryer, please open the battery compartment door, preferably take the battery out and place it properly;


4. Do not use the electronic dryer for a long time, please remove the power supply to delay the service life and save energy.


As long as we do it in a timely and effective manner, we can stay away from the erosion of sweat, and moisture is no longer a problem.

1.Correct drying method for hearing aids

2.How long does the hearing aid need to be dried?

2.What are the types of hearing aid drying boxes?

Hearing aid drying dehumidification box Type

1. Automatic electronic hearing aid drying box, dried by electronic heating method

2. Physical dehumidification type drying box, dried by desiccant

4.Who needs a hearing aid drying machine?

All hearing-impaired people who use hearing aids and cochlear implants Need use hearing aid dryer

5. 3 kinds of physical dehumidification models hearing aid drying box

How to choose the right hearing aid drying box, please read the following categories

1.IRIVER BLANK Hearing aid dryer

The best drying box with sterilization function, dried by air circulation

  • Dryer: Heat
  • Features: UV light for sanitation, 0.5-hour/1.5hour  drying cycle
  • Benefits: Does not require any replacement desiccants, modern and sleek design, LED light indicates device is ON
The IRIVER BLANK is equipped with a short emitting
waves UV-C lamp, whose 360° circular disposition
enables to reach all the surfaces of the hearing aids.
The exposition of surfaces to the UV-C light allows to
destroy 99% of fungi and bacteria, and dramatically
reduces itchiness and infections of the ear canal.
The lamp will turn itself on during the first five minutes
of the drying cycle, then turn itself off automatically.
Dehumidification - Drying
The IRIVER BLANK is equipped with a forced-air fan
drying system, which enables to reduce the power and
time necessary for the drying cycle.
The temperature of the drying chamber is controlled
by an electronic system in order to maintain a
constant temperature of 45°C, whatever the ambient
temperature surrounding the device, and to prevent
the hearing aids from any damages.

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2.Dry and Store Global II

The Dry and Store Global II utilizes 3 types of drying methods: heat, air circulation, and desiccant to capture all moisture in the device.

Dryer: heat, and desiccant bricks
Features: UV light for sanitation, 8-hour drying cycle, replaceable desiccant bricks last 2 months
Benefits: Desiccant bricks also act as deodorizer, large enough to hold multiple pairs