basketball shooting machine  and Basketball Ball Return System

1) Rack. It is a bracket with four wheels. Driving power from the transmission ball stepless speed motor, walking direction through the remote control gear to achieve. At the same time, can make the ball frequency and walking speed synchronization.
(2) storage basket. It is fixed in the rack, both sides with a slope, with the middle of the groove with the groove of the basket. Both sides of the slope and the middle of the groove to ensure that the basket of basketball to accurately roll to the transport site.
(3) transmission ball body. It is a two fixed on the rack can be rotated in the conveyor belt, the back with a gear can be used to move the chain, the front fixed equidistant arch basketball bracket, its role is through the conveyor belt rotation, the basketball from the basket to the basket Ejection disk.
(4) ejection disk. It is fixed in the upper part of the rack, similar to the basket of the basket, but also has two inclined slope, the middle of a tilted groove. The bottom of the groove on both sides of a pair of infrared sensors, so as not to cause no ball air shot. Both sides of the disc with a limit switch, can do 150 ° reciprocating rotation, the power from the independent motor supply. The catapult is a controllable cylinder that can be manually (single-shot), automatic (time interval adjustable reciprocating trigger), the ejection disk in the direction of the rapid roll out of the groove, the use of another cylinder telescopic control projectile Pitch angle.
(5) electrical control part. It is fixed in the rack above the control box, equipped with a control speed motor speed governor, control the cylinder action time relay and AC contactor for manual automatic conversion of the switch and control the cylinder of the gas control valve The Remote control of the above-mentioned electrical handheld remote control box is attached to the control box attached to the annex.
The purpose of the air pump is to provide air supply for the ejection of the cylinder and to change the pitch angle cylinder.
After the completion of this set of institutions, athletes can be achieved on the pitch basketball ball, dribble, pass, dunk, volleyball biography, spiking and other action training. According to the athletes' physical fitness, change the size of exercise, exercise frequency training.Product Name】Basketball training program-controlled machine 
【Product Model】T829

Design concept :

Ball games is not just an elegant noble sport, but also make us feel happy, strive to make our vibrant movement; we have been devoted ourselves to the research and development of  ball training equipment, hope to be able to bring real useful value to the social, to human health and happiness!


Functional training :

* Can practice: shooting posture, ball tactics and so on.

*Can practice:three point shoot, set shot, the road between shots, jump shots and hollow network and so on.


Products Description:

1. Computer programming, storage memory, boot automatically locate the origin;

2.Five kinds of fixed model to shooting

3.The data and display clear function

4.Fixed point and horizontal functions

5.1-17 points synchronized on LED display when serving

6.Serve a variety of functions: work / pause, speed adjustment, 1-17 fix point, 1-17 cycle points, 1-17-point or multi-point any particular programming tee times, five kinds of fixed procedures tee ;

7.Set goals and machine ball circle the number that tee shot calculation program, LED display goals, serve several shooting data;

8.Circulation systems, and can be recycled a ball;

9.Pitching Machine transmitter placement: fixed to 180 degrees azimuth.


Products Parameters:

* Color: Black


* Net Weight:

* Package weight:     

* Battery : working 2-3 hours

* AC 100V-110V and 220V-240V are optional               

*Accessories comes standard:remote control,charger,and connect cable

*Suit for: individuals, schools, clubs training institutions


Product Qualification :

* The company hired industry veteran European design guidelines and the establishment of professional R & D team.

* Nearly 9 years of production experience in research and development, the current technology has the product into the advanced level.

* Product sales in more than 60 countries and regions, currently hold tens of thousands  users .

* The company is currently China's largest production base for sports training, professional R & D team and production testing workshop.

* Company products made in Europe BV, SGS, CE product certifications, and dozens of national patents, including a number of products to fill the domestic blank.

*Product by 72 hours of rigorous testing.


After-sale guarantee

Supply spare parts and technical services for free within 2 years if any quality problems.