Hearing is an indispensable ability in our lives, but now, for many reasons, some people's hearing is declining and it has a great impact on life. So, can hearing loss still recover? Let's take a look at the following.
Some of the factors that cause ear hearing loss are severe traumatic damage to the sound-transmitting nerves in the ear, or due to insufficient blood supply to the inner ear for a long time, there is a problem of long-term nutritional supply, which causes functional lesions in the ear. The decline is difficult to mitigate and recover.
Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is open to the ear, and the decline in hearing is often directly related to the kidney. Therefore, restoring hearing can eat some kidney-reinforcing foods such as walnuts, sesame seeds, peanuts, and pig kidneys.
In addition, for patients with tinnitus, first of all, do not give yourself too much mental stress, adjust your symptoms, face life with optimism, and some tinnitus caused by environmental and psychological effects can be gradually eliminated.
There are many factors that cause hearing loss. If the ear conduction nerve is blocked by inflammation such as trauma or otitis media, or the external auditory canal caused by inflammation, the hearing loss can be recovered, as long as the influencing factors are removed during the treatment. Hearing will slowly return to normal.
There is also an acute sudden deafness, although it is a sensorineural deafness, but after a variety of treatments such as nutritional neurotherapy, vasodilator preparations, hormonal drugs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and mixed oxygen therapy. Most of them can also restore hearing, but if there are tinnitus after two weeks of treatment, it is extremely poor treatment. Although the recovery of hearing is promising, it is more difficult.
Whether the hearing loss can restore the degree and location of the injury, because there are many reasons for the decline in physical strength, some of the influencing factors on the ear are only temporary, such as occlusive hearing loss, as long as the cause of the decline can be slowly restored Hearing, but some factors have caused serious damage to the ear nerves. This neurological harm is mostly irreversible. Not only can it not be recovered, but it must be treated in time to protect and control the current hearing level in time to prevent aggravation.

What about hearing loss?
Hearing is too important for people. If you don't have good hearing, it will seriously affect people's living conditions and quality of life. Some people are not good at natural hearing, but some people are afraid of using ear hygiene or other factors to cause hearing loss. If that feels like hearing loss, what should I do?

First of all, pay attention to protect your ears. If you are active in a noisy environment for a long time or are often stimulated by intense sounds, your hearing will be affected. Therefore, you should pay attention to protecting your ears and not always let your ears be stimulated by noise and high decibel volume. . If you find that your hearing has decreased, you should pay more attention to your hearing. Wear a sound-proof earplug when you work or do things in a noisy environment to avoid the noisy sound from hitting the eardrum.

Secondly, pay attention to diet and daily life. It is easy to cause tinnitus or hearing loss when you get angry. So pay attention to diet, eat less spicy and irritating things, and eat more things that can go to fire, such as bitter gourd and bitter vegetables. Regular daily routines, do not stay up late or drink alcohol at night.

There is also the timely treatment of ear diseases, otitis media, ear disease and other ear diseases can lead to hearing loss. If these diseases are not treated in time, they may cause permanent hearing loss or even complete loss of hearing. Therefore, patients with such ear diseases must be treated promptly.

How to ease hearing loss
1. Daily life noise prevention

If you contact the machine for a long time, the workshop is noisy, and the noise of the human voice will cause the tiny blood vessels in the inner ear to be in a paralyzed state. The blood supply to the inner ear is reduced and the hearing is drastically reduced. Therefore, trying to avoid or reduce noise interference is the primary protection for hearing.

2. Maintain a good mental state

If you are often in a state of irritability and anger, it will cause the autonomic nerves in the body to lose normal regulatory functions, causing ischemia, edema and hearing disturbance in the inner ear organs, which is prone to sharp hearing loss. Therefore, try to keep yourself in a good mood.

3. Massage

Massage the ear points before and after the earlobe (in the depression of the earlobe and the high bone behind the ear) and the hearing point (in front of the tragus, the depression of the posterior margin of the lower ankle joint), can increase the blood circulation of the inner ear, and protect the hearing The role. It is advisable to massage each morning and evening for 5-10 minutes each time. Recommended: Very effective ear exercises.

4. Pay attention to medication

Ototoxic drugs such as gentamicin, streptomycin, kanamycin, and neomycin should be avoided as much as possible. These drugs are prone to ear poisoning and impair hearing. Patients with neurological deafness should pay more attention!

5. It is best not to dig ears

Frequently use ear spoons, match sticks to dig ears, easy to hurt the ear canal, causing infection, inflammation, and can damage the eardrum. When the ear canal is unbearable, you can use a cotton swab to gently rub the ear canal with a little alcohol or glycerin, or take vitamin B, c and cod liver oil.