Can I blow the hearing aid with a hair dryer?  Hearing aid dryer
In the first-line fitting of hearing aids, the hearing loss of each new machine will be said: the hearing aid is afraid of water and cannot enter the water. However, it is not uncommon for hearing aids to enter the water. I forgot to take the hearing aid while taking a bath; I also forgot to take it before swimming; also in the process of taking it down, accidentally slipping and falling into the water. The person who puts the hearing aid out of the water for the first time is often nervous, and I don’t know what to do.

Can the hearing aid be blown in with water?
Hearing aids should enter the water, don't blow with a hair dryer! ! !
Because the hot air of the hair dryer is not only easy to melt the mobile phone accessories, but also the moisture of the internal accessories of the mobile phone becomes hot water after being heated by the hair dryer, it may penetrate into the screen more, which will cause the mobile phone to get wet and damage the electronic components, resulting in the second irreversible s damage.

Hearing aids are electroacoustic precision instruments. After washing with water, internal components are extremely susceptible to moisture and can affect the use. In case of water, first dry the outer casing and open the battery door and window to remove the battery. It is better to have time to go to the fitting center, because the general fitting center has professional dehumidification equipment. If it is far from the center of the fitting, if you have an electronic dryer, put the hearing aid into the electronic dryer to dry it. After the simple treatment, try it. It is best to continue using it. This method is only slightly watered. . It is best not to blow with a hair dryer, because you have a bad way to control the inside of the accessories (microphone mouth and receiver, etc.). Hearing aids have a certain level of water resistance, but remember to never enter the water.

Once the hearing aid is flooded, the correct procedure should be like this:
1. Remove the hearing aid from the water in the first time.
2, dry the surface of the water stains
3, open the battery compartment, remove the hearing aid battery
4. Depending on the severity of the influent water, or place the hearing aid in a dry box for dehumidification, or take it to the local fitting center as soon as possible and hand it over to a professional.

Hearing aids are expensive, even if they are renewed, they need to be re-commissioned and re-adapted. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to properly handle the influent hearing aids! Of course, the most effective way to avoid hearing aids from entering the water is to pay more attention to it on weekdays. Take the hearing aids before the water.