1.Keep dry: do not put the hearing aids in high temperature, high humidity, should be placed in a cool, dry place. Can not wear help

Listeners take a bath,

Swim. You can put the desiccant pouch in the hearing aid box,

Put the hearing aids in the box at night. Desiccant

Can help absorb the moisture in the hearing aid. Conditions can be purchased for hearing aid dedicated drying box and desiccant.

Cleaning: Hearing aids should always be kept clean. As the hearing aid is easy to be earwax, bacteria and other pollution, will lead to ear canal


Therefore, the ear-type hearing aids wash at least three times a week, if the earwax can be cleaned once a day. With cotton

The ball wipes the hearing aid,

Do not scrub with water.

Because the water will damage the hearing aids,

Ear-back hearing aids should always be kept clear outside

Clean and dry.

Protect the volume potentiometer:

The volume potentiometer is the volume adjustment knob.

Usually adjust the volume,

To smooth rotation,
From external shocks. Sweat for a long time to help dry, keep the outer part of the clean.

Protection switch: switch is one of the most open parts of the day, so in the use of light to light off. Many make

The user's switch damage is excessive force, too much to make, so that increase the unnecessary expenses.

Protection ear hooks:

The ear hook is located at the forefront of the hearing aid,

Is the channel connecting the ear mold.

Khan more users are accustomed to rotating ear hooks,

So that the hearing aid and ear mold separation, this is not correct. Long time frequent use, can make the ear hook loose, crack, resulting in leakage

sound. The correct way is to separate the ear mold connection hose from the hearing aid earhook.


Regular maintenance: hearing aids every six months or a year to be sent to the matching center, by professional technicians to clean the hearing aid

And debug performance to ensure that hearing aids are always in good condition.

Check the battery regularly:

- The battery provides energy for the hearing aid.

Regularly check whether the battery is sufficient power,

Is necessary to protect the normal work of hearing aids

Pieces. You can often record the working life of each battery, combined with their hearing aid power consumption, timely and accurate replacement of the battery.

General battery is below


It will affect the normal work of hearing aids (normal value is



The Run out or no battery

Hearing aids in the over-discharge state,

Easily lead to battery leakage or excessive expansion,

Must be removed immediately,

So as to avoid electricity

Pool out difficult or damaged hearing aids.


- Zinc air battery is susceptible to environmental impact, the best use of humidity


Left, too dry or too wet will be shortened


In the summer or rainy season when wet,

Every night should open the battery compartment,

Place the battery in conjunction with the hearing aid

box. In normal or dry conditions, do not put the battery into the drying box at night, so as not to over-dry.


- Please keep it in a cool dry place,

Do not have to put in the refrigerator.

Under normal preservation conditions,

Domestic battery shelf life of two to three years.

Do not let the children play with the battery, do not swallow the belly, do not charge, do not put into the fire.



Special maintenance of the ear-type hearing aids: the ear-shaped hearing aids are wearing hearing aids behind the ears, the items are distributed

Hearing aids belong to this.

It passes the sound through the ear or earbuds to the ear,

Sweat damage to the ear - type hearing aids

Chance, sweat on the hearing aid is also a large corrosive.


Routine maintenance must be careful to wipe the hearing aid with a soft dry cloth or tissue paper,

So that the skin behind the ears and hearing aids remain clean,


There is sweat and dust.

Ear mold to keep clean. If the earwax and dirt to block the sound mouth, sound channel,

The vent hole must be clear


Before cleaning, remove the hearing aid from the ear mold,

Cleaning with special cleaning tools and brushes,

And then warm water and mild washing liquid

Rinse cleanly.

After cleaning the ear mold to dry,

Before connecting the hearing aids,

To ensure that the ear mold sound channel and vent hole completely

Dry without water vapor.

Do not use alcohol to clean the ear mold, if the ear mold on the sound tube aging hardened, yellow, crack, you have to immediately replace. Will be on a regular basis

The hearing aid is dry in the drying box,

To remove moisture that penetrates into the hearing aid.

Like the box-type hearing aids mentioned earlier

Heart operated switch, potentiometer. Because the switch, potentiometer failure will cause poor hearing aids and produce noise.