Cutting board disinfection is very important, take a look at these disinfection tips

In normal times, people will definitely use cutting boards in the process of cooking. Various kinds of cutting boards provide convenience for people's practices. This is also a very great invention of our ancestors. An indispensable tool, it is very important for people to clean this work after using the cutting board. If it is not washed for a long time, the board will breed a variety of bacteria, which will directly affect our health. In everyone's kitchen, basically several types of color plates are used, one is a wooden cutting board, the other is a bamboo cutting board, and there are plastic and resin cutting boards, in fact, for each dish. Plates have a variety of different methods of cleaning and disinfecting.

The first is the wooden floor cutting board. This kind of cutting board is relatively used, because most of the cutting boards are basically in pieces, so it is relatively convenient to clean them. Rinse, if there are other debris on it, use a steel ball to brush directly back and forth, you can rinse very clean. The second type is the cutting board made of bamboo that everyone likes to eat. This kind of cutting board is very light, but it has a big disadvantage that the thickness is not enough. It is mainly made of bamboo, so it is said that the stitching is stitched. Inside, it may release formaldehyde after a long time, so buy a bamboo cutting board, you must pay attention to the purchase of a regular brand.

The two kinds of cutting boards, plastic cutting board and resin cutting board, are believed to be used by many people, especially plastic cutting boards, which are very convenient to use, but this kind of cutting board also has a very large feature, that is, in the case of high temperature. It is easy to emit the smell of plastic, so when buying this kind of cutting board, you should also buy the cutting board of the big brand manufacturer, and in the process of cleaning, this color plate is very convenient to clean, just wash it gently with water. Just fine, don't give him some hot water to clean it, otherwise it will produce a certain smell.

In the usual time, in the process of using the cutting board, we must correctly distinguish the different types of these cutting boards. Some Thai version is suitable for cutting the cutting board of lettuce oil. It is suitable for cutting meat. It must be cut into lettuce and cooked vegetables. The cutting boards are separated to avoid cross infection. In the process of cleaning, it is also necessary to correctly distinguish the difference between these cutting boards. Only by correctly distinguishing the differences between them can the people be convenient, safe and hygienic in the process of using titanium plates, after all, in the cutting board. The dishes made are directly imported. In addition, the cleaning of the cutting board is also very important, and it must be cleaned according to the type of different dishes.

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