Daily cleaning and maintenance of in-ear hearing aids
Hearing aids are hearing compensation products, which are expensive and belong to high-precision electronic products. The maintenance is good, the sound quality and compensation effect will be good, and the service life will be longer. Why do some people's hearing aids can wear for ten years, and some Can only wear for three years? How can we extend the service life to ensure good sound quality? How do I clean the outside of my in-ear hearing aids at home?

In-ear hearing aids are very susceptible to earwax. The special components of earwax are more likely to cause corrosion to components inside the hearing aid than sweat dust. Earwax is the enemy of internal components of hearing aids. Caused. These earwax accumulate on the surface of the hearing aid, and if it is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to enter the inside of the hearing aid, so it is important for the hearing aid user to carefully clean the outside of the hearing aid every day.

First, the tool preparation for cleaning the hearing aid:

The hearing aid can be cleaned with a spectacle cloth, but the brush must be a special brush for the hearing aid.

Second, the way to clean

1. Gently wipe the hearing aid casing with a soft cloth to thoroughly remove dirt such as sweat and earwax.

2. Clean the sound outlet of the in-ear hearing aid: use the hearing aid to clean the special brush and gently pull back and forth to clean the sound outlet of the hearing aid. When cleaning the sound outlet, the sound output of the hearing aid should be downward.

3. Clean the sound inlet of the in-ear hearing aid: Use the hearing aid to clean the special brush and gently pull back and forth to clean the surface of the hearing aid. Pay special attention to the battery compartment when the operation is performed. The hearing aid is slightly inclined downward. Incorrect operation may cause cleaned dirt to fall inside the hearing aid. If the battery compartment is not closed, the hearing aid of the T3 panel may also cause the microphone cover of the sound inlet to be displaced: please be the first time The hearing aid is sent to the fitting center.

Special Note:

1: If you want to improve the service life and get better sound quality, you need to go to the hearing aid fitting center for professional maintenance.

2: If there is a problem with the hearing aid, please go to the hearing aid fitting center for help.

Friendly Tip: Simple external cleaning of the in-ear hearing aid can be done at home. However, the internal maintenance work of the hearing aid and the replacement of the earscreen filter and the earwax prevention spring are also required at the hearing aid fitting center.