Several colleagues celebrated my return to the world of sound and invited me to dinner. In a restaurant called Chuanjinlou, there are many people, listening to the sound is noisy, the brain can not stand! Maybe I have spent the past six months in the silent world, and I have not fully adapted to the sound world. It started for more than two months, and it was adjusted twice before and after. It was found that the sound was richer and many sounds were heard. However, the disappointment, the speech resolution is slightly different than before the adjustment, and it is difficult to distinguish. I asked the tuner and said that if I want to adapt again, I will understand it slowly. Ok, I will adapt to it for a while. Day by day, I found that I have slowly improved and I have adapted. I talked face-to-face with my family and watched the chat. I also understood it slowly. Once my mom told me to accompany her to the supermarket to buy food, yeah, I have adapted to the noisy environment, not so noisy, the brain is not so uncomfortable! It is not so difficult to communicate in a noisy environment. Later, I followed my mom every day to go to the supermarket to buy food. There was little problem in the noise environment. Once, my mom and I were gone, and we couldn’t find anyone. I picked up my mobile phone and found a room that was not too noisy. I asked my mom where? "Hey, Mom, where are you?" "I am looking at the clothes." Such a simple communication can also be called in a general noise environment. . When I got home, it was almost time for lunch. I prepared the dishes and prepared to cook. I opened the hood, wow, the hood sounds great! My parents chat at the table, hey, I feel the sound of the hood is lowered, they have a clear voice, and suddenly they hear the screaming of the neighbor's house next door, (I am recuperating in the country's house), and I hear clearly. Chu! At this time, my mobile phone ringing, after receiving the call, the mobile phone WeChat ringing rang again, in such a noisy environment, will not miss these sounds. It seems that the mermaid Q90 is good (American ab)! The mermaid has automatic super focus + strong sound suppression + wind noise filtering + echo cancellation, 70% of the noise is obviously feeling automatic switching, even if no one is talking in front of it will automatically Switch. I didn't quite adapt to this switch at first, because it takes 1 to 2 seconds, the sound before and after the switch will be very different, but now I am very comfortable. It is found that the trigger point of the switch may be a very noisy environment and suddenly switch to automatic super focus.