Cochlear implant staging bilaterally

[Do you want to recover from bilateral cochlear staging?
     Dear friends, there have been a number of parents and friends who have been on the sidelines in the near future to consult the rehabilitation of the posterior side. The details are as follows, for everyone to understand! On the side of the side to do the cochlea, medically also called "scheduled bilateral". Parents who are on both sides of the staging will find that the child's first side of the cochlear hearing rehabilitation effect is already very good, and the language recovery is also very good, but after the side of the cochlea is turned on, there is still an inaudible situation. Therefore, many parents have reported that they are not well understood. They feel that their children have a good foundation of hearing and speech. Why can't they understand the side that they can't understand?

As shown in the following figure, our human brain is divided into two hemispheres. The sound heard by the right ear is mainly transmitted to the left brain, which mainly stimulates and develops the auditory language center of the left brain. The sound heard by the left ear is mainly Into the right brain, mainly stimulates and develops the auditory language center of the right brain. Therefore, hearing the sound on one side of the ear does not mean developing a bilateral brain center. For bilateral severe sensorineural hearing loss, a cochlear implant is implanted on one side, and the contralateral brain center is also mainly utilized and developed. Therefore, the unilateral side is clearly observed in terms of sound source localization, noisy environment, and sound detail resolution. Limitations. Everyone often mistakes that the unilateral hearing recovery is the whole brain (both bilateral cerebral cortex), but it is not.

     On the side after the operation, since the auditory center of the brain on the corresponding side does not have good hearing language development, the child will reflect the audible after the side is turned on, but the inaudible can not understand, but the main reason is the corresponding side of the auditory nerve. For a long time, the sound stimulation function was not well differentiated, and the corresponding side of the brain did not have sound for a long time. The auditory language center was not well developed.

For parents who have to do the cochlear side by side, please note that the cochlear side of the child needs to adapt and recover. Combined with the follow-up experience of a large number of individuals with staged bilateral rehabilitation, it is recommended that after the child's side of the cochlea is turned on, the first 1-2 months is the first stage of "adaptation period", and the child can be asked to wear the cochlea on both sides at the same time. The feelings and habits of listening. Because many children have long-term unilateral listening and have developed habits, there is also an adaptation process for the transition to binaural listening. After the child is accustomed to listening to the feeling of the posterior cochlea, the second stage of "intelligence enhancement period" is carried out. The second stage is mainly worn after the side of the cochlea for listening and listening training, but the school and important time can be worn in both ears to avoid delay learning. Process and communication quality. When the resolution of the rear side is increased to more than 80% of the anterior side, the third stage "binaural listening period" can be started, and the third stage can be worn normally in both ears, which is the real meaning of binaural listening.

   Medical research has confirmed that the interval between the two sides of the staging should not be too long. It is medically recommended that the interval between the two sides should not exceed 2 years. Because the longer the interval, the first side hearing advantage is more obvious, and the posterior auditory deprivation is more serious, so the back side will be difficult to reach the first side better listening level, resulting in a lifetime of shortcomings. Therefore, it is recommended that parents who want to recover their ears for hearing, it is best to have bilateral implantation at the same time, an anesthesia and an operation to achieve binaural listening.
     For those who choose to unilaterally implant on one side and wait for the future of new technologies on the other side, medical research and reality are also more "face-to-face". Because the future of new technology has little meaning for the child's nerve and brain development. Existing minimally invasive techniques have little damage to the original auditory structure while achieving hearing rehabilitation. Existing minimally invasive surgery does not sacrifice children the opportunity to enjoy new technologies. If children have good hearing ability, good neurological differentiation and good brain hearing reserve, it will be more protective for children to enjoy new technologies in the future. Therefore, if you want your child to recover better, bilateral implantation is necessary; for children to learn and develop, binaural listening is also necessary. Please comprehensive reference, help the hearing-impaired children better and better recovery, thank you! !