Summer hearing aid maintenance instructions

Ordinary desiccant:
Ordinary desiccant is the use of discoloration silica gel to absorb water vapor, to achieve the purpose of drying moisture. Discoloration of silica gel, also known as blue plastic, has a strong adsorption effect on water vapor in the air, and with the increase of moisture absorption, the color of silica will change from blue to light red. Ordinary desiccant cheap, easy to use, can be dry for a long time.
In the daily use of the process need to pay attention to the following questions:
1, ordinary desiccant, please cover the lid in time;
2, observe the color of silica gel, if the color fades or light red, it is best to replace the new discoloration of silica gel;
3, between the discoloration of silica gel and hearing aids, it is best to put a sponge or cotton and other isolates to prevent silicone particles into the hearing aids;
4, hearing aids into the desiccant, please open the battery compartment door.
Electronic dryer:

Electronic dryer is the use of alternating current, with heat evaporation of water vapor, to achieve the purpose of dry moisture absorption. Currently on the market a wide range of electronic dryers, some not only have a work posture indicator, more time devices, etc., the user can choose according to their own needs.
When using the electronic dryer, please read the product manual carefully. The different products are different for the length of the drying time. In general, the temperature of the electronic dryer is set between 40 degrees and 50 degrees, will not damage the hearing aid, but it is recommended that each drying time should not exceed 8 hours.
When using the electronic dryer, should pay attention to the following questions:
1, do not long hours of hearing aids on the electronic dryer dry;
2, in the electronic dryer work, please cover the lid;
3, when the hearing aid into, please open the battery compartment door, be sure to remove the battery properly placed, not with the hearing aid into the electronic drying box;
4, do not use the electronic dryer for a long time, please remove the power to delay the life and energy conservation.
As long as we do effectively dry and effective dry, you can stay away from the erosion of sweat, moisture is no longer a problem. Let us all act, do moisture work, protect our hearing aids it