How to keep the clarinet Reed?

After the Reed blows, wash it with water, and then put it in the air and place it in the box. The problem is that most of the tops of the Reed are wavy. Is it necessary to wash or wet when it is put into the box, close to the plastic surface will not change the waves do? Or need to use things to crush dry? Some Reed up when blowing, the top is too thin tone too loose, with pruning ...


To buy a special box holding the reed(Reeds case). And then clean up the Reed clean. But that box is expensive.


There was a humidifier with a constant temperature. Probably about 200, no need.


Generally on the Reed clip will not be something. The weather is cold, do not put the Reed on the outside for more than five minutes. So easy to roll

 I think the number of reed number refers to the thickness, because the beginner's Reed will be thin, blowing up will be better blowing, but the sound is not so nice, choose a thick Reed sound blowing up particularly nice, and I think the post The film will be thin for a long time. I usually keep the Reed is blowing, wash with water, and then use a relatively soft cloth to dry it, and then into the box, the current reed I did not deformation of the situation, but the weather was wet Get a ventilated place, or the Reed will be moldy