How to protect your cervical spine?

All sitting in front of the computer staring at the screen of friends, please check:
Is your neck bent forward or down now?
2. Your line of sight to the front of the body, or staring down?
3. Your head is to move forward, or keep in a natural position, the ear and shoulder at the same level?

In fact, ah, the reason why cervical spine, in addition to the impact of trauma and fungal infections, modern urban people are mostly due to long-term accumulation of injuries.
As we work day after day using the wrong posture, typing, sleeping, slowly unknowingly, the muscles, ligaments, joints, etc. of our cervical spine will become stiff, deformed and unbalanced, causing the spine to straighten out and emerge Spurs and disc herniation, and then the oppression of the artery oppression nerve.
We actually have the opportunity to make changes. As long as the improvement of cervical muscle near the condition, pay attention to exercise and stretching, and most important to improve sleep and work position, can have a healthy cervical spine.
Yes, those folklore folk remedies, cervical spondylosis among friends spread the coup, try not to try, after all, cervical spondylosis is a water mill effort, the treatment will not be lightning rehabilitation. For example, I consulted a lot of places. Swimming actually does not directly address the recovery of the cervical spine. It is just a full-body aerobic exercise. As long as the movement, are very good.

Cervical spondylosis then how is it?
Know your enemy know yourself. We first understand how cervical disease is suffering, in order to targeted preventive measures.
Simply put, divided into four steps (combined with the schematic view).
When we do not pay attention to the way of life and work, it will lead to muscle tension, neck and shoulder stiffness, soreness. This time will be muscle ligaments poor blood circulation, decreased elasticity, thus reducing the protective effect of the cervical spine, but also not conducive to cervical blood supply of nutrients, the emergence of intervertebral disc space and the formation of hematoma, degeneration in the disc, based on the dehydration, vertebral Body joints further loose and abnormal activity, aggravated the formation of ligaments and disc space.
When the cervical muscles, ligaments strain after loss of protection of the cervical spine, the cervical spine in order to adapt to the new physiological environment there will be changes in cervical physiological curvature. This change will usually cervical physiology straight bend, anti-bow form. Therefore, many cervical spondylosis patients when there will be "cervical degenerative changes, cervical physiology straight bend" report.
When the cervical spine strain physical stratification appears on the basis of cervical spine, due to changes in cervical curvature changes in the process of cervical spine joint wear occurs, the formation of intervertebral space hematoma, granulation tissue within the hematoma increased and gradually machine, blood In the calcium salt can also be deposited here, the final formation of sudden thrust tube or protruding vertebral body spurs. Spur may be repeated due to local trauma around the ligament traction and other factors continue to increase, the texture hardens, especially the multiple traumatic interest, spur can be as hard as ivory, to the treatment of difficulties.
Due to cervical degenerative changes continue to aggravate, disc ring in the disc degeneration, and by their own gravity and external force double extrusion, small cracks may gradually appear and expand, and may lead to nucleus in the external compression from the fissure Overflow, the formation of anatomical disc annulus rupture, nucleus overflow (ie disc herniation), if the spill stimulates the adjacent spinal nerves or spinal cord, causing the corresponding clinical symptoms, then constitute the cervical disc Prominent disease.