How to wear and adjust the hearing aid

 Hearing aid dehumidification needs to be operated every day

   1 hearing aid components:

Hearing aid users must understand how hearing aids work and the basic functions of the various components. Of course, different types of hearing aids have their own differences, but the main components are similar.

                Microphone: collect sound and convert it into electrical signal

              Amplifier: amplifying electrical signals

              Battery: powering the amplifier

              Volume potentiometer: adjust the volume of the hearing aid

             Headphone: converts the electrical signal output from the amplifier into an acoustic signal

2. Operation of the hearing aid:

The wearer must understand how to use the hearing aid correctly before using the hearing aid:

              How to properly wear a hearing aid

                Battery specifications, installation and replacement

               Volume adjustment

               How to use the switch

              Telephone induction coil and method of using telephone

               Daily cleaning and drying of hearing aids and ear canals


3, the processing of acoustic feedback

                Determine if the hearing aid is properly worn

                Judging whether it is external feedback or internal feedback

                Determine if the hearing aid housing is suitable - shell repair, redo shell

                Air vent

               Gain adjustment

              Feedback processing - the latest all-digital hearing aid function


4 hearing aids wear discomfort

                Sound aspect


               Psychological aspect


5, the adaptation process of hearing aids

              Time - from short to long

              Environment - from quiet to noisy

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