Everyone thinks that the baby did not have hearing when he was born

But in fact, a normal resurrected child is born with auditory guidance ability


Pay attention to the health of children’s ears

hearing loss

What caused the children's story

How to and avoid

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Zhang Hongzheng, Deputy Director and Chief Physician, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical University

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Why pay attention to testimony?

Humans observe the world through perception. In all perceptual experiences, people use hearing to promote communication and social interaction, contact, participate in sports, perceive global harm, and experience the various states of life. People) paralysis is the loss of disability, and children are 32 million, which is important for distribution in low- and middle-income countries.

Children grow up to adults-2 ears and ears will grow 1‰, with age, permanent hearing will grow, 5 front ears hearing will grow to 2.7‰, puberty as high as 3.5‰ in childhood. The critical period of speech birth is temporary, and people who have not been discovered in time and take special measures can make the speaker and the characters easy; stress will lead to the birth speech, and even affect the child's emotions, physiology, and social desires. develop. Therefore, children hear early discoveries and early relationships.


What are ears?

Hearing refers to hearing impairment due to various sound reasons, and it is difficult or unclear to hear environmental sounds and speech sounds. It includes the following:

Hear (listening low 26-40dB HL): It is difficult to hear the sound;

Moderate (Hearing threshold 41-60dB HL): difficult to hear loudly;

Severe (Hearing threshold 61-80 HL): Only a few words can be heard when shouting loudly;

Extremely severe (above 81dB hearing threshold): You can't hear any words when you shout loudly.

If you suspect these manifestations, your baby may know! This can be prevented!


What are the common causes of children?

There are many reasons for ear hearing, including personality and acquired sexual factors. Once it happens, or shortly after birth, sexual eardrops appear. Behind the ear refers to the eardrops that appear in children. The effect, but the clear cause was found out by chance. Including the possible causes of the legend:

Genetic factors: 40% of children's tinnitus loss is caused by genetic factors. Attention should be paid to the complaints of hearing loss occurring in close relatives married or relatives of close individuals. Gene or environmental factors that cause the production of ears or auditory nerves may be the cause of the sound that causes tinnitus.

Time factors: including premature birth, low birth weight, birth rate of resurrected babies (referring to diseases caused by hypoxia at birth of resurrected babies) and knowledge of resurrected babies.

Infection: The mother's infection during pregnancy, cytomegalovirus, etc. may cause hearing loss in children. In addition, meningitis, paralysis and mumps may cause deafness.

Ear diseases: Common ear diseases such as Lei Lei embolism (in the ear part) and ear tube blockage (non-suppurative otitis media) that is prevalent in the ear canal can also cause hearing loss in children.

Noise: The sound that may be heard by personal audio playback devices such as smartphones and MP3s at high volume for a long time. Short-term high-decibel sounds such as fireworks and explosions may cause permanent hearing loss. In addition, the equipment in the wedding room is noisy. It can also cause hearing loss.

Drugs: used to treat infections, touches, connected nerves, and cancer in resurrected infants. They are ototoxic and may cause hearing loss. It is often used to treat common on the skin.


How to avoid it?

According to statistics, about 60% of children can avoid the loss of children under 15 years of age. Including the participation of low- and middle-income countries, 75% of countries and 49% of high-income countries. The region’s high infection rate and the maternal and child care system in high-income countries.

Inherited deafness in a resurrected baby is one of the most common diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the pre-pregnancy examination, especially for couples with deafness or family history of deafness. Hearing couples who have had deafness before should typically carry out deafness genes before pregnancy to reduce deafness at birth.

Many factors also affect the child’s tinnitus, giving birth to early viral infections (including wind virus, cytomegalovirus, etc.), the use of ototoxic drugs during pregnancy (Gentavirus, Kanatoxin, etc.), high-risk anesthesia (diabetes), A low). Therefore, it is necessary to avoid viral infections and use pregnant ear drugs in the period, and it is necessary to strengthen high-risk intensive care. In addition, 17% of hearing loss is caused by premature birth, low birth weight, suffocation, and resurrection. Avoid epidemics, improve maternal and child health services and other diseases.

Infection is one of the factors of hearing loss during the resurrection period. For example, cytomegalovirus infection (mostly occurring in utero or during delivery) can cause inner ear and/or auditory nerve damage, nervous system infection and hypoxia, anxiety, high bilirubin explosion It can also cause auditory nerves and cause hearing loss. The use of some drugs may also affect the hearing of resurrected infants. Therefore, active treatment of the primary disease may be a serious measure to prevent the hearing of resurrected children.

If you suspect these manifestations, your baby may know! This can be prevented!

For childhood, there are many reasons for hearing loss. It is recommended to take preventive measures for the following situations:

For those with a family history of deafness, it is recommended to have deafness genetic inheritance and genetic counseling, potentially delayed hereditary deafness;

High-risk children with a history of death, pornography, and viral infection during the resurrection period, even after the resurrection child’s earphones, they often have their ears checked 1-2 times in the past years when they were 3 years old;

More than 30% of children’s ear and hearing loss are caused by diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella and brain pain, which can be avoided through preventive immunization and excellent hygiene practices;

To cause potential trauma and losses caused by entertainment noise;

If you find slaps or scratching of the ears, ear itching, children with ears, or find that the child is slow to respond to the sound or hears a lot of rhetorical questions, the parent asks the child to see a doctor for correction of otitis media.


Find out earlier?

In addition to the preventive measures mentioned above, early detection and diagnosis of a child’s ear disease is very serious. Detailed instructions, including the following items:

Resurrected children listening to the phone: refers to the initial period of timeless playback of the baby after the baby is born to shortly before being discharged from the hospital. Parents who did not pass the screening performed an ear re-screening at the hospital when the baby was 42 days old. If they found that the ear passed the re-screening, they need to go to a hospital with hearing diagnosis talents when the baby is 3 months old.

Is it because the baby’s ears have problems when the ears are not passed? The application of not listening to ear sounds is also affected by many, such as the impression of foreign children, amniotic fluid, etc.; the test baby can not cry quietly; the environment is noisy; the middle and quiet ear effusion; the inspection operation is not standardized and so on. Of course, these influencing factors can be excluded in the re-screening or further inspection.

The first ear screening went on smoothly. Parents fed the baby and changed diapers before changing the phone, so the thickness of the coating was moderate, so that the baby appeared in a comfortable situation. Equipment, avoid noise, and cooperate with the doctor for inspection.

Children’s earphones: Children’s whispering and whispering health care technical specifications stipulate that the age of children’s whispering application is 0-6 years old, that is, after the resurrection childhood whispering ear health management, ear and ear health care is performed at the same time as the health check, of which 6, 12 , 24 and 36 months are the key ages for ear phones.

0-year-old infants, using mobile phone-type otoacoustic instrument, auditory instrument observation method or ear auditory assessment for telephone calls; except for APP for children over 3 years old, it is recommended to combine the combined room chart examination, respectively at the age of 4, 5, and 6 One call. Anyone who has a mobile phone function should transfer it in time.


How to simply judge the baby's ears?

The auditory organs and auditory center have started since pregnancy. Speaking of resurrected children, what are the key points of whispering and whispering within 6 months after birth, or even earlier. A normal voice, and children's acquisition of speech also follow the correct ability, and need to have some conditions (normal ability, ability and external language environment).

How can the timidity of young people simply judge whether the baby has a problem at home? Here are some tips for everyone:

Babies within 6 months of age often blink, take a breath, and turn to the best of sudden sounds, and detect sudden movements during sleep. Babies may suddenly appear or even startle. A strong observation can be made to see whether the baby has the above behaviors when sudden loud sounds such as closing doors loudly and loud music sounds like clapping hands.

Babies between 6 months and 1 year old, who turn their heads and seek models of sounds, will automatically turn their heads to explore the sound of the sound source. This activity can be used to observe and explore the stage when the child is at home with some noise. If there is no sound experience or the "babble" has not started yet, have the serious children heard the topic at that time?

Children from 1 to 2 years old can observe their children’s responses to sounds and language, such as whether they can listen to Mr. Xiaochang’s words, whether they can speak simple or short sentences, and whether the children respond to the music or voice.

A 2-year-old child must first observe the child’s language as usual. If he can express the meaning in words, he can complete simple duties after seeing the instructions of the adult. , Often ask others to repeat what they say, and accidental inaudibility that others accidentally hear is also a manifestation of inaudibility. Start waiting.

When she found that the child had the problem of slap in the face she was looking for, she sought medical attention in time.

If you suspect these manifestations, your baby may know! This can be prevented!


So and so and so and so and so and so doing?

Children who are killed must be eavesdropped as soon as possible. This is the key to the success of the fall.

Sudden otitis media should be checked at any time according to the situation, tinnitus can be observed or treated, and treated when necessary; nursing and moderate sensorineural deafness, occasionally recheck outside the ear, should wear hearing aids; severe and severe deafness and tinnitus, such as Wearing hearing aids is invalid, and lateral cochlear implant surgery can be performed. For some patients with deafness, hearing and hearing should be carried out in time, and the experience should be cherished at the same time, so as to avoid single head trauma and improper use of drugs, and to maintain deafness.

I hope all babies are healthy

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