Handy UV toothbrush sterilizer instructions


iriver blank toothbrush holder
into the sterilization box, cover the lid, the UV lamp automatically start sterilization, after about 8 minutes sterilization automatically shut down. In the sterilization period if you open the lid of the sterilization box, UV lamp to stop working, to avoid UV damage to the human body.

This product can be carried on hand, on the desk drawer, can also be hung on the wall nails.

1; if the UV germicidal lamp brightness darkened, or shut the lid after the lamp to be delayed for a long time to light up, you need to replace the new battery in time.
2; Please insert 2 batteries in the direction of battery polarity. Can not be old and new batteries, different brands of batteries mixed use.
3; If you do not use this product for a long time, please remove the battery, to avoid the electrolyte in the battery corrosion of the product.
4; waste batteries please do not throw, you need to throw into the waste battery recycling box. Avoid environmental and soil pollution.
5; toothbrush into the sterilization box before, please first get rid of the moisture in the toothbrush hair. Always remove the tray from the box and clean it. Always clean the water inside the box.

Product Description 1: Use 2 AA batteries or connect the USB port
2: Power: 3V
3 ◎ lamp life: ≥ 6000 hours
4: Operating temperature: 0-50 ℃
5 ;. UV intensity: ≥ 200u W
6: Ozone concentration:? 0.01 ppm? 0.05 ppm
Product Features 1; super UV fast sterilization rate of up to 99.9%
2; portable design, put a single toothbrush, travel installed toothpaste
3; removable structure easy to install cleaning
4; .6000 hours long life lamp without replacement

Products using cold cathode UV sterilization lamp, diameter ф0.8mm, the length of the main between 44-45mm. Lamp current 160V-1.76ha. (For straight tube)

Product size 21.5 * 5 * 2.5, weight; 103 g / a, packing is not prepared size, according to the number you want to install,
This is the toothbrush disinfection