How to choose the right Massagers for you from Massager

Often hear someone ask how to buy leg massage, then talk about some of my experience today to buy leg massager, hope that you can help.

What kind of leg massage how to buy leg massage
Method / step
Look at the appearance and workmanship. There are many types of leg massage, each with different, but no matter what kind of choice, the first thing is to look at the whole appearance of its work. A good quality leg massage, it looks stylish, exquisite workmanship, if the above is wrapped cortex, then carefully look at the quality of its skin and sewing level, the cortex should be soft, sewing needle and thread should be neat and firm. If it is made of plastic, then look at the edge of its plastic to see if there is a place where the wind cut hands, and then hand in the appropriate place in the press, to see the thickness of the plastic, the thicker, the better the quality of the better The
What kind of leg massage how to buy leg massage
Look at the intensity of massage. After reading the appearance of the whole appearance, and then try the leg massage massage intensity, see the intensity is in place, the intensity is too small, no effect, too heavy, there will be pain, it is recommended that it is the best Adjust the massage strength of the function, so you can adjust the intensity of the massage.
What kind of leg massage how to buy leg massage
Look at the motor of the massager. The motor can be said to be the most central part of the whole leg massager, and all the running movements need to rely on the motor. After the leg massager switch is started, listen carefully to the sound from the massager. If the motor is buzzing during operation and the sound is too loud, the mass of the leg massager may not be very good. When the species should pay more attention to a little