Practical care tips for your hearing aid

It is important to be careful to treat hearing aids. You will maintain years of work order and minimize potential problems in everyday use. Hearing aids may be strong, but can not be used improperly. Below you will find some valuable maintenance tips.
Protect the hearing aids from contamination

Always ensure that your fingers are dry and dry before touching hearing aids. The microphone input is very small and can be blocked by improper handling.
Protect your hearing aids from moisture

Take a bath or swim before removing the hearing aid. Due to the high ambient humidity, you should not place the equipment in the bathroom. Always insert your ear before inserting a hearing aid. Please note that moisture and condensation may damage the electronic devices in the hearing aid. We recommend removing the battery from the device at night to open the battery compartment. Use special dry auxiliaries provided by your hearing care professional.
Keep the device away from children and pets

Keep your hearing aids out of the reach of children and pets. A device that has been removed but not disabled may raise the treble of some dogs.
Avoid contact with hair gel or make-up

Hair gel or powder cosmetic fine particles may block the microphone input and the volume control switch. Before using the body care product, remove the hearing aid.
Right care

In order to fully function, your hearing aids must always be kept clean. Clean the equipment with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use alcohol, solvents or detergents. Special care products for your hearing aids are available from your hearing care professional and they will also check the equipment for earplugs and ensure that they are working properly.
Keep the hearing aids in a safe place

When your hearing aids are not in use, it is best to keep them in the dryer. Always carry hearing aids to prevent damage and dirt. If you do not use the hearing aid for a while, remove the battery.
Leave all repairs to the experts

Screwdrivers and oil are enemies of all hearing aids. If they are in contact with an electronic or micromechanical system, irreparable damage may result. Fine technology is very sensitive and can be destroyed by improper handling.