Stop rejecting hearing aids!

Here are two interesting statistics:

Hearing loss is very common. In the United States, half of people over 60, two-thirds of people over 70, and four-fifths of people over 85 have hearing loss.

However, less than one in five people interfered with their hearing loss.

Why are there so many people suffering from hearing loss and so few people acting?

Cost is of course one of the reasons, and the misunderstanding of hearing aids makes many people refuse to wear them. Many people have long equated the use of hearing aids with acknowledgment of getting old.

Gone are the days when hearing aids didn't look good

In the past, hearing aids were usually very large, almost all beige, neither concealed nor avant-garde.

In addition, it is only in recent years that people have started to put earphones and other gadgets in their ears daily. So if you wear a hearing aid before, it will indeed attract the attention of others.

Stop rejecting hearing aids!

It’s been a long time since hearing aids don’t last

Don't feel embarrassed about wearing hearing aids anymore

But today's hearing aids are very low-key and concealed, and the colors are also very cool. Of course you can still choose beige if you like. Nowadays, people are accustomed to stuffing their ears. Whether you are wearing headphones, earplugs or hearing aids, no one will look at you more.

A large number of scientific studies have shown that uninterrupted hearing loss will have a negative impact on our overall health and quality of life. For example, if hearing loss is not treated, it can lead to cognitive decline, depression, and an increased chance of falls, as well as increase the risk of social isolation and dementia.

Active life is the future

In addition, people now want to control aging, deal with health problems as soon as possible, and make life full of vitality. More and more people are constantly refreshing their understanding of hearing aids, and finally accept and choose to wear hearing aids.

IRIVER BLANK's new series of hearing aids not only help you hear clearer sounds, keep in touch with relatives and friends, but also connect to mobile phones, transmit calls and music, perform translation, count steps, monitor falls, find mobile phones, turn into virtual assistants, etc. .

As one wearer said bluntly, "I want to control all the advantages."