The harm of hearing loss in the elderly

Elderly hearing loss can cause a series of problems such as decreased auditory and speech communication ability, degraded quality of life, insufficient social exercise, etc., which requires extensive attention from the whole society and active early intervention.

▪️Decreased auditory and verbal communication skills

The early stage of elderly hearing loss is dominated by high frequency drop, which is reflected in the drop in speech recognition rate, which is especially obvious in noisy environments. When the mid-to-low frequency also descends, it is difficult to communicate even in a quiet environment.

▪️The quality of life drops

Studies have found that 24% of elderly patients with hearing loss have varying degrees of physical or mental illness, while about 40% have tinnitus and 20% have balance stagnation. Those who suffer from tinnitus can affect the quality of sleep, and there will be a vicious circle of mutual influence. As the hearing loss of the elderly increases, their ability to receive and process external information is weakened, leading to accelerated aging and a sharp decline in the quality of life.

▪️Insufficient social exercise

Many elderly people refuse to express their hardships after hearing, for fear of affecting the work and life of future generations. Inability to hear others will increase the physical stress of the elderly, unwilling to communicate with others, and become more withdrawn; many entertainment activities related to hearing or communication are therefore restricted, and there are fewer and fewer things that can be done, leading to normal Social needs are impacted, which can easily induce Alzheimer's disease over time.

Elderly hearing daily health care

▪️Try to avoid exposure to noise.

▪️ Regulate emotions and keep a happy mood.

▪️Strengthen physique to prevent colds, which can aggravate hearing loss symptoms.

▪️Actively prevent some systemic diseases, especially hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc.

▪️Communicate more with people, use more brains, and more hands off, which can delay aging and prevent senile hearing loss.

▪️Enhance physical exercise, promote blood circulation throughout the body, increase body metabolism, enhance blood supply to inner ear organs, and improve inner ear metabolism.

▪️Avoid the use of ototoxic drugs. The most important thing is aminoglycoside antibiotics, including streptomycin, neomycin, kanamycin, gentamicin and quinine, and aminoquine drugs.

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