What are the benefits of hearing aids with wireless Bluetooth technology?

Wireless Bluetooth technology is a short-range signal transmission technology. Audio signals can be transmitted between electronic devices via wireless Bluetooth technology without cable connection. Many electronic devices such as mobile phones, MP3s, and computers have wireless Bluetooth technology.
Hearing aids with wireless Bluetooth technology directly utilize Bluetooth technology to make the listening dream of users wearing traditional hearing aids a reality. They often complain that the effect of picking up a mobile phone is poor, can't directly listen to MP3, and watch TV is unclear.
For example, e Bosch series hearing aids directly transmit the audio signals of the above electronic devices to the hearing aids through the Bluetooth companion Streamer, and the hearing aids transmit the amplified audio signals to the user's ears, thereby minimizing the loss of audio energy and improving the listening effect (the effective distance is usually transmitted). At about 10 meters).

Some patients have good low-frequency hearing, no high frequency, can you wear a hearing aid, and how effective is it?

You can wear it, you should choose a hearing aid with good low frequency attenuation, but the worse the high frequency, the worse the definition of the hearing aid, but in recent years, the advanced frequency shift hearing aid can solve this problem better.