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What are the types of hearing aid electronic drying boxes, what is the difference?

The basic function and purpose of the electronic drying box of the hearing aid are the same as that of the ordinary drying box. The purpose of drying the hearing aid is to extend the life of the hearing aid. However, the drying effect of the electronic dryer is better and more thorough, and the purpose of drying the hearing aid can be achieved. And can be used for a long time;
Ordinary drying boxes are often used for daily hearing aid placement, mainly to dry the moisture on the surface of the hearing aid. However, if sweat enters the hearing aid, the effect is not as good as the electronic drying box, and the purpose of drying the movement cannot be achieved, and it needs to be replaced frequently.
General daily hearing aid maintenance can be considered in combination with the two, daily use of ordinary dry box, dry thoroughly with electronic drying box once a week, in the summer or rainy season can increase the frequency of use, in order to protect the hearing aid, extend the use of hearing aids life.

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