What concentration of alcohol is needed for the cleaning of hearing aids?

Alcohols that pharmacies can buy generally have two concentrations - 75% and 95%. Both alcohols are packed in clear plastic or glass bottles. But the use is different. First we need to know what 75% and 95% mean. 75% is 100 parts of solution consisting of 75 parts of alcohol and 25 parts of water; 95% is 100 parts of solution consisting of 95 parts of alcohol and 5 parts of water. 75% of the alcohol solution is often used for medical disinfection. For example, if you want to have an injection, you need to disinfect it with this alcohol. You also need to go out for a picnic to disinfect the tableware. It is also a 75% alcohol solution. Because it is the most widely used, 75% of the alcohol currently on the market is not only bottled, but also a portable alcohol solution with a 95% alcohol solution for wiping the UV lamp. This kind of alcohol is commonly used in hospitals, but it is only used in the home for the cleaning of camera lenses. This is because the alcohol has very good solubility and can dissolve some stains that are not well removed, not Because of its ability to disinfect