Pharmacy can buy alcohol, usually with two concentrations - 75% and 95%. These two kinds of alcohol are filled with transparent plastic bottles or glass bottles. But the use is not the same.
First of all we have to know what the meaning of 75% and 95% respectively. 75% is 100 parts of the solution from 75 parts of alcohol and 25 copies of water; 95% is 100 copies of the solution from 95 parts of alcohol and 5 copies of water.

75% of the alcohol solution is commonly used in medical disinfection, such as you want to injections, you need to use this alcohol disinfection, as well as out of picnic to disinfect the tableware, with 75% of the alcohol solution. Because the most widely used, 75% of the current market is not only bottled alcohol, as well as portable alcohol tablets (see below).
Concentration of 95% alcohol solution for wiping the UV lamp. This alcohol is commonly used in hospitals, and in the family will only be used for the camera lens cleaning, this is because the alcohol has a very good solubility, you can put some of the stains are not well removed, and not Because of its ability to disinfect.
Note that the concentration of 95% of the alcohol solution is also disinfectant, but can not be used for skin disinfection, will absorb water, the skin also has some stimulation.
Typically, 70% to 75% of the alcohol is used for disinfection, because the concentration of the best disinfection effect. If the alcohol concentration is too low, although can enter the bacteria, but can not be the body of the protein coagulation, the same can not completely kill the bacteria (so the family did not drink alcohol disinfection Oh). And too high concentrations of alcohol in the bacterial surface to form a protective film, to prevent its entry into the bacteria, it is difficult to completely kill the bacteria.
And 99.5% of the alcohol is called anhydrous alcohol. This is a very powerful organic solvent, you can clean a lot of stains, clean quickly after the evaporation, no trace, so more for the cleaning of electronic equipment. Many electronic equipment need water, whether it is 75% of the concentration of alcohol or 95% alcohol concentration, although there are cleaning effect, but because of water, so do not.

Anhydrous alcohol, the medical industry is rarely used, so pharmacies can not buy, you need to buy in the hardware store. At the same time to pay special attention to anhydrous alcohol is flammable and explosive products, to prevent the sun straight, so be sure to use brown bottles to install. At home, to be placed away from the fire, the child is not easy to get the place,
Also note that anhydrous alcohol is not the kind of furnace when you eat hot pot, that is called solid alcohol, is added in the industrial alcohol coagulant.
- back to everyone is most concerned about the issue, artificial cochlear or hearing aid cleaning what concentration of alcohol?
It is best to use the concentration of 99.5% of the anhydrous alcohol, the hearing aid ear mold, power contact metal parts and other parts of the clean, to prevent the retention of stains on product performance hazards. Anhydrous alcohol does not contain water, volatile quickly, there is no need to worry about whether there will be water into the equipment.
However, if it is not convenient to buy anhydrous alcohol, can the concentration of 75% or 95% of the alcohol?
The same is possible. At present the mainstream of hearing aids and cochlear hair products have a certain degree of dust and waterproof, can do life waterproof. Therefore, the use of water-containing alcohol is also possible. For the sake of safety, it is recommended that the cleaning and maintenance after the dry box in the dry.

Do you use alcohol to wipe the shells or wires of a hearing aid or cochlear implant, and will it affect the shell?
Will, but no need to be too concerned about. Although the alcohol on the shell, the wire has a certain role in corrosion, will accelerate aging, but the role is limited. Compared with the benefits of cleaning and maintenance with alcohol, the harm of aging is much smaller. Really want to happen aging, at least you have to insist on rubbing a dozen years.
What is the frequency of wiping with alcohol?
Hearing aids and cochlear speech processor family maintenance, the general once a month is enough. In recent years the use of hearing aids and cochlear implants, dustproof performance to enhance a lot, no need to be too frequent maintenance.
Summed up the role of different concentrations of alcohol:
Finally remind you one: must go to pharmacies, hardware stores, etc. through the formal channels to buy alcohol. If the alcohol product fails, with methanol concentration is too high, is toxic.