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hearing aid dryer and cleanner

  1. If there are these manifestations, the baby may have hearing loss!

    Everyone thinks that the baby did not have hearing when he was born

    But in fact, a normal resurrected child is born with auditory guidance ability


    Pay attention to the health of children’s ears

    hearing loss

    What caused the children's story

    How to and avoid

    This issue of "Medical Questions and Answers" invites you to

    Zhang Hongzheng, Deputy Director and Chief Physician, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Zhujiang Hospital, Southern Medical University

    Answer for everyone


    Why pay attention to testimony?

    Humans observe the world through perception. In all perceptual experiences, people use hearing to promote communication and social interaction, contact, participate in sports,

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  2. The hazards of hearing loss in the elderly, and daily health care

    The harm of hearing loss in the elderly

    Elderly hearing loss can cause a series of problems such as decreased auditory and speech communication ability, degraded quality of life, insufficient social exercise, etc., which requires extensive attention from the whole society and active early intervention.

    ▪️Decreased auditory and verbal communication skills

    The early stage of elderly hearing loss is dominated by high frequency drop, which is reflected in the drop in speech recognition rate, which is especially obvious in noisy environments. When the mid-to-low frequency also descends, it is difficult to c

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  3. Hearing aid troubleshooting

    Hearing aid troubleshooting

    In daily life, if the hearing aid fails, it can be eliminated in some simple ways. Note that if you can't solve the problem in a simple way, please don't disassemble the hearing aid. Please go to the fittings to solve the problem.

    First, the sound is distorted or noise is present

    1) Check if the volume is too loud;

    2) Change to a new battery and check if the battery is exhausted;

    3) For the behind-the-ear hearing aid, check whether the sound hole of the ear mold i

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  4. Analysis of the causes of hearing aid damage

    Analysis of the causes of hearing aid damage

    Analysis of the causes of hearing aid damage

    The hearing aids we often say mainly refer to the hearing aids of international big brands. These hearing aid manufacturers have a reputation. After years of development, the robust conditions of the equipment have made the hearing aids not so easy to damage, but we still encounter equipment in actual use. The problem of failure, in addition to the factors of the device itself, the three reasons that cause the most damage are the human factors we often ignore.
    The use of hearing aids in different regions is different. This is a problem that we often overlook. For example, we found the dry maintenance method of hearing aids on the Internet. It helps the hearing device dry for 6 hours every day and dry all night because of different life in different regions. The environment is different, so the personalized maintenance

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  5. Methods and techniques for daily maintenance of hearing aids

    1. The hearing aid should be kept clean

    Always keep your fingers clean and dry before wearing and operating your hearing aids. The microphone sound inlet is very narrow (1/16 to 1/8 inch) and is easily blocked by dirt.

    2. Hearing aids should be kept away from sharp objects

    When avoiding wearing or picking up a hearing aid, try to sit in a soft place (bed or sofa) so that once the hearing aid slides down, you can reduce the collision of the hearing aid.

    3. The hearing aid should be kept away from the heat source

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  6. Correct drying method for hearing aids

    Correct drying method for hearing aids

    Correct drying method for hearing aids
    The special desiccant for hearing aids is a small crystal that absorbs moisture and is placed in a drying tank. The hearing aid is placed on the compartment. Please note the following points:

    1. Open the battery compartment door of the hearing aid before putting it in.

    2. Please close the lid of the drying can.

    3. If the color of the desiccant is obviously faded, it means that the desiccant has absorbed enough water and failed, and needs to be replaced with a new one.

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  7. Where to buy hearing aids

    Where to buy hearing aids

    Where to buy hearing aids
    First, go to the professional fitting center: to the nearest or convenient access center, you must go, because in the fitting center, the fitter will test the hearing, speech recognition rate and hearing aids, the family description is not Your feelings. Professional fitting center, after-sales protection, there is a manufacturer's authorization, so you go to the store to see if there is a manufacturer's authorization. If there is no power of attorney, the later sale is very troublesome. Second, audition hearing aids, the fitter should take more than two kinds of machines for you to listen to, the sound quality of different brands of machines is not the same, so you have to feel it yourself, like to listen to which sound quality. Look at what problems you want to solve, and see how well you are resistant to noise. If you are sensitive to noise, you

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  8. How to choose a hearing aid

    How to choose a hearing aid

    How to choose a hearing aid
    1. Age factor:
    Hearing aid selection has a lot to do with age factors. For example, children under the age of 10 are not easy to choose custom hearing aids. Customized (in-ear) hearing aids are made according to the patient's ear canal, and these ear canals are still changing. stage. As time changes, the degree of fit between the hearing aid housing and the ear canal wall also changes, which is prone to whistling, loss of loss, and the like. Children who are slightly older can choose, but they will have to replace the shell about 1 year after wearing. People who are inconvenient to operate are not easy to choose. For example, an elderly person with less flexible hands is less likely to choose a hearing aid with a smaller s

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  9. Correct use and maintenance of hearing aids

    Correct use and maintenance of hearing aids
    For the hearing aid to wear the result is elegant and convenient to call. Please pay attention to the usual use:

    1 On objects with soft surfaces (such as square beds, sofas, etc.), wear and remove the hearing aids and do not drop on solid objects.

    (2) At least two hearing aids should be cleaned at least twice a week. If the earwax is more, the clean number should be added. Wipe the surface with a soft dry cloth and a cotton ball to remove the sound holes and exhaust wax brushes (since the sound exit is blocked, the light makes the sound, and the receiver is severely damaged). Remember, you can't wash with water. If the hearing aid sound outlet baffle is tamper-proof, the baffle removes the ear wax removal, ensures that the surrounding bezel is clean, and replaces the new baffle in time to keep the ear canal clean. With the progress of people's survival, "hearing clearly and listening well" has become the goal that ever

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