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Computer chairs home ergonomic computer cabin lazy couch game chair net coffee chair Ergonomics Computer Workstation

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Ergonomic design
Enhance your comfort and creativity

It‘s not about the chair, it’s the seating position
Have you ever experienced a tired back, sore neck, or aching shoulders when gaming? This is caused by the upright sitting position when using a computer at a desk. Sitting upright in a chair is, simply, not a natural position for our bodies. Therefore, within an hour our backs get fatigued and we start hunching over with our upper body weight supported by our elbows on armrests. Once this happens pains and aches are created as our body’s are out of alignment. This shouldn’t be a surprise as an entire industry was created offering so-called “ergonomic” products to improve comfort when using a computer at a desk, but they fail since the base problem still exists, you have to sit upright to use a computer at a desk.

At Hiketree, we threw out everything about the desk & chair, and focused on being comfortable when using a keyboard & mouse. This meant changing the unnatural upright seating position to a more “laid back” or reclined seating position by raising the legs, which distributes your weight across more of your body. So instead of all of your weight on your backside, it is now spread from your lower thighs to your lower back. From this more natural seating position armrests are no longer needed, and it is finally possible to use your keyboard & mouse for hours with no more aches.

This ergonomic seating position is provided by both our oZone & r3volution gaming cockpits, and they cost similar or even less than high end office chairs!

  • Buy 20 for $4,000.00 each and save 33%
  • Buy 100 for $3,600.00 each and save 40%
  • Buy 200 for $3,200.00 each and save 47%


Hiketree Veyron Computer Game Workstation

 With the signature Veyron scorpion shape and outline, an industrial grade steel structure, tilting capabilities, integrated audio system, LED lighting and much more, the Emperor is the future of high-end home and office computer work environments. 


The Veyron offers functionalities that enable the user to experience unprecedented comfort and quasi total immersion through strategically positioned monitors and accessories. The result is a complete computer office, ergonomically optimized, with a minimal footprint that improves overall performance and productivity.

Straight for the brand, factory direct sale

At first computer cockpit ergonomics design, IF international industrial design, set design, production, delivery, installation and after sales for the integration of science and technology product


Our products are widely used in many fields.

 In order to reduce damage, and damage to people's modern life and health problems, every industry science and technology leaders in the field of cooperation and eng rema, thus solving the problem of people ill with a computer for a long time, in a comfortable environment to speed up the work efficiency.



Ergonomic design

Gaming Computer Workstation Overview

Here is a list of the Hiketree's key features.

  • Upper display section lifts and lowers for easy entry and exit
  • Display support (up to three 27″ monitors or single 40″ monitor for ultra wide screen)
  • Adjustable & ergonomic race car style chair with foot rest, reclines backward (up to 45 degree tilt)
  • Chair features massage, heating, and vibration Settings
  • LED lights (soft lighting prevents glare on displays)
  • Side storage slot for computer tower or gaming console
  • Cable concealment/management system with built-in inputs for Mac, PC, or game consoles
  • Adjustable keyboard tray & two adjustable armrests on left and right for mouse, cell phone, and other accessories
  • Steel frame with powder coating finish covered by 5 year warranty
  • Standard black or custom color available (white, yellow, etc.)
  • Length 65″ x Width 47.25″ x Height (up) 82″, Height (down) 53″
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