Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools Kits, with Wax Loop Air Blow Brush Batteries Tester Wipes Dryer Case Desiccant Dry Jar,Wire Accessories

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  • Hearing aids Maintenance kit to keep your hearing aids dry and clean
  • Absorbs damaging daily moisture, Prolongs hearing aid life
  • Suitable for every brand and type of hearing aid (ITE, RIC, BTE)
  • No battery included,Content: brush, drying jar, air blower, cleaning cloth, digital battery tester, drying capsule.
  • Advantages: Helps to preserve hearing aid value, lowers repair costs.

The Set Contains:
1x cleaning jar
2x brush with magnet and loop
1x air blower
1x cleaning cloth
1x cleaning tablet
1x digital battery tester

Keeping the hearing aid clean is a very important thing, especially for the in-ear machine, cleaning can effectively reduce the blockage and malfunction of the hearing aid, and can extend the life of the hearing aid!
However, because the in-ear hearing aid is small in size, especially in the sound hole, it is not easy to clean up. Is there a better way to find a cloth to wipe it?
In fact, about the practical tools for cleaning hearing aids, Osda has arranged for everyone early!
This is the little brush. When I bought the ear machine, there was such a small thing in the package. I couldn’t look at it, but it was quite big.

The main function of this small brush is to clean the hearing aid. The method of use is very simple:
1. Use a dry, soft cloth to clean the earwax and sweat on the surface of the hearing aid;
2. Check the sound hole of the hearing aid, first clean it with a small brush, and then use the elongated U-shaped steel needle at the other end of the brush to clean the foreign matter and ear wax at the sound hole and the sound port.

In addition to being able to clean, small brushes can also be multi-tasking:
Replacement battery
A small brush can help change the battery. This use is not surprising, not unexpected?
The method of operation is very simple:
1. Open the hearing aid battery compartment door;
2. Align the battery with the magnetic end of the brush and easily suck it out;
3. Replace with a new battery.
volume adjustment
Yes, you didn't guess wrong. This is another big use of the U-shaped steel needle.
The knob-type volume control is especially difficult to operate, so the small-shaped U-shaped needle can be used to control the volume knob of the in-ear hearing aid in addition to the foreign matter and earwax at the sound hole and the sound port. For the inconvenient, it’s just too sweet!
Everyone buys things on weekdays may not care about the accessories in the package, but Xiaoou hopes that everyone can get the contents of the package after receiving our hearing aids, such as warranty cards, such as small brushes, and other seemingly inconspicuous small things. When I really used it, I found that it was still lost.

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