Hearing Aid Dryer Dehumidifier

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  • The upper cover acts as a hygrometer to monitor the humidity in the house in real time.
  • Focus on the design, not easy to fall, avoid collision.
  • Sound and light alarm, intelligent reminder, scientific humanization, intelligent control system.
  • Scientifically designed, no electricity is needed when dry. Before the hearing aid is dried, the surface is stained, the water stains must be wiped clean, and the battery cover is opened.
  • Easy to carry, small size, no need to use when powering up, you can carry items with you anytime, anywhere.
  • This product is used to dry and store hearing aids, electronic cochleas, valuables and other items that require moisture storage. Focus on hearing aids, electronic cochlear moisture storage, patent dehumidification technology, physical dehumidification at normal temperature and pressure, safe and efficient storage of hearing aids, electronic cochlea.

    Product Name: Hearing aid drying box
    Average power: 12W
    Rated voltage: 220V 50HZ
    Effective size: 78*33mm
    Packing size: 84*84*120mm
    Color: white, silver

    Do not exceed 12 hours a day. Machines contaminated by battery leakage should be dried after cleaning.
    It is strictly forbidden to cover the body with an electronic dryer during work.
    After the dryer has finished working, please unplug the power cord in time. Disassembly and repair are strictly prohibited.

    1X hearing aid dryer
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