UV Knife Sterilizer Holder With Auto Chopper Knife Sharpener and Ozone Disinfection Dryer Fuction, Kitchen Essential Shelf For Home

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Ensure your knives last a lifetime with the S20 Electric Multifunctional Knife Sterilizer.
This all-in-one device actually dries, sharpens, and sterilizes your knives while keeping them safe and sound. Easy to use,
the S20 features a built-in knife sharpening system that retracts back into place when not in use. In addition, the system is for more than just knives.
There is enough space for six knives, forks, and spoons. When everything is in place, you can simply press a button and the device will dry and disinfect it all. It’s perfect for utensils made of wood, silver, stainless steel, and more.
You can even use it with shears and serving utensils. The sterilization system uses a powerful ozone ultraviolet lamp and UV radiation for double sterilizing action.
In fact, it gets rid of up to 99.98% of germs. With everything in one place, the MLITER S20 is the perfect compact solution to any kitchen.

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Knife-Care UV Knife SterilizerWith Auto Knife Sharpener, Sterlizer, Dryer Kitchen Essential Items

Electric Multifunctional Knife Sterilizer

Knives and cutlery Sterilizer and dryer with UV

Sterilizer for knives, cutlery and scissors for ultraviolet UV light, respectful with the environment and without chemicals.
With upper cover that prevents cuts and domestic accidents.
Compact and silent design.

Multifunctional knife Sharpener & sterilizer for household

SKD005 is not only a sharpening machine. It also has the drying function of killing bacteria by UV rays


Please follow the safety precautions before using

1 Please read this instruction manual before use. Please place the sharpener in the stable area of the kitchen and keep away from the source of fire.

2 Check whether the power cord can be used normally .If the power cord or appliance is damaged, stop using the appliance immediately and asking advice from the manufacturer or service agent

3 This appliance is designed for kitchen using only. keep it in dry place . When you stop using it, please unplug the power switch.

4 Do not approach any overheated surface.Do not put the cord plug into water. Never wash it under the water. In order to maintain the polish of the surface, do not use abrasive cleaner to wipe the body



1)Input 100-240V,50-60Hz,      2) Output 18V/1.3-2.0A. 26W


a Height :30cm, b Width 16cm  c Length :22cm  d  Sterilizing button  e Drying button f  polishing button  g & h. sharpening groove  i &j & k: knife shelf groove  L. Water tray  m : chopsticks slot

How To Use

1, Firstly,Opening the package and check whether the whole product is in good condition or not. Secondly,<br>put it on a table, and then find out the adapter and connect with the power.<br>

2, When the power is connected, the button is lighting, people can choose any of the three functions <br>they want .,Each button has its own function, for example, if you want to sharpen a knife(Sharpening <br>function) , you just need to press the slot out and put the knife into the sharpen groove and press the polish <br>button. It can work independently by itself<br>

3  Working hours of each functions<br>

 50 minutes for drying function . The work will stop automatically after 50 minutes

 30 minutes for sterilizing function.The work will stop automatically after 30 minutes

20 minutes for sharpening function..The work will stop automatically after 20 minutes

4  Each function can work independently or working at the same time. <br>

5  The water tray on the bottom is designed for taking away the waters from the chopsticks and knives. <br>

   When the tray is full of water, please take it out and pour water away.

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