New electric lumbar waist back massager traction device for home use, the treatment unit provides relief fatigue, back pain and pain, numbness and pain in the lower limb

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  • 1) Patented FDA Guaranteed New Medical Lumbar Waist Traction Masage Device, FDA Registration No.: D288740.Clinically proved effective to improve the symptoms, reduce the recurrence and advance the life quality;
  • 2) Doctor Recommended: The device is used for the prophylaxis and adjuvant therapy to lumbar vertebrae disease, e.g. the protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc, Lumbar muscle strain,the lumbar hyperosteogeny,lumbar sprain, ridge on the ligamentitis and lumbar degeneration in the elderly and so on. We suggest the user to use this device for 90 days, 45 minutes per day, will effectively cure your lumbar issue;
  • 3) Temperature-controlled hot moxibustion, infrared spectroscopy, intelligent massage: The heat applied can effective warm and soothe the sore muscles. Infrared light penetration effectly work on the waist, to form the steady stream of heat to the lumbar, which drive out the cold and moisture from the lumbar spine, so you feel like enjoying the warm bathing sunshine.Intelligent vibration massage design, ergonomic curve make the lumbar packed by the soft strength, let the tight back muscl
  • 4) Health care: the product combine the curing and health care.Designed based on the ergonomic theory, the curve of the vertebrae is dynamically stretched. The silent vibration principle can relax the waist muscles and whole body muscles thus, eliminate the whole day fatigue. Especially effective to the longtime sitting group and who has got the issue of the waist during season changing;
  • 5) 5 Years warranty: We provide the free replacement for the customer if quality issue.

4 in 1 Lumbar Care,New Medical Breakthrough,USA Patented with FDA Guaranteed,is a revolutionary therapy in treatment for low back pain caused by spinal diseases and injuries.Armed with High-tech wear-resistant mute motor, circuit boards,ultra-quiet air pump with professional safety airbags,the unique design combined with heat and magnetic therapy device can alleviate,treat and prevent low back pain caused by all kinds of reason.
Alphay 4 in 1 Lumbar Care is to create traction force between the low part of the rib cage and the upper part of the hip,therefore to reduce weight-bearing on the lower back,by increasing the intervertebral disc space,the pressure applied on the nerve root is relieved,thereby toe-liminating pain in the patients'rehabilitation period.
Users can do hot compress,massage during traction,speed up the therapy process.During the continuous traction treatment,the adjusted nucleus pulposus and vertebra get enough time to be healed and consolidated.It is a type of vertical traction which can relieve the stress from the body when getting up and keep the waist in a rest situation.
Each individual,of most age can benefit from the Alphay 4 in 1 Lumbar Care Device,who are currently experiencing from:
1.Work reasons every day have to face the computer for long time,therefore waist pain and hard to bend;
2.Cold weather,rainy days or tired,tension and soreness for the back muscles,soreness.Can be relieved after exercise or massage,but easy to relapse;
3.Ignore the long-term chronic lumbar discomfort,after longtime sitting or standing,the emergence of low back pain,sciatica.From the lower part of the waist to the buttocks,thighs,lateral leg until the foot,radiating pain happens,will suffer increased pain after sneezing or coughing;
4.Elderly group,with the age changes, vertebral degenerative lesions,waist pain,legs soreness and weak,cold limbs.
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