Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid for The Elderly Hearing Loss Sound Amplifier Ear Care Tools 2 Color Adjustable Hearing Aids

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Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid For the elderly 


1, The product now only come with China charger, if use in Europe, Australia or other area, you need buy suitable adapter to make it suit for your country.

2, The working voltage is 220V-240V, if your country is not the voltage, pls don't buy it!




Product name

Cofoe BTE hearing aid

Product model


Battery capacity


Charging time


Working time


Equivalent input noise level

Less than 32

Total harmonic distortion


Mainframe weight


Mainframe size

40mm*35mm*8mm(length, width and height)

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Advantages and disadvantages of behind-the-ear hearing aids


1. The power of the behind-the-ear hearing aid can be made larger, and the power of the customized hearing aid often cannot be the same size;

2. Because the volume is relatively large, it is convenient to install some complicated lines and chips to improve performance and enhance functions;

3, the layout of the parts is a unified design, more reasonable and more scientific, the battery, knobs, etc. are relatively easy to operate;

4, easy to repair, good durability, easy to adjust;

5, children with ear-back machine only need to replace the ear mold, it is faster and more convenient, no need to return to the factory to re-manufacture the shell;

6, do not need to be customized, can be mass produced.


1, easy to be eroded by sweat;

2, too big, too conspicuous.

Advantages and disadvantages of in-ear hearing aids


1. Concealability is better than behind-the-ear and box-type hearing aids;

2. The sounding position of the hearing aid is closer to the tympanic membrane. The sound receives less influence on the resonance of the external auditory canal. In theory, it will be more natural and clearer (the actual situation should be analyzed according to the production process and the condition of the ear canal).


1, more than the ear type, not suitable for children (the reason is the same as above);

2, the microphone, the receiver is close to each other, easy to produce howling, the production process requirements of the custom machine is relatively high;

3, small size, not easy to operate;

4. The internal movement is easily damaged by the influence of sputum, etc., and the waterproof performance is worse than that of the behind-the-ear hearing aid;

5. For users with lighter hearing loss, it is easy to produce a blocking effect.

Understand the classification of hearing aids and their advantages and disadvantages. Everyone can know what kind of hearing aids they should choose.

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