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Hearing aid Dryer

Hearing aid Dryer


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Hearing Aid Dryer And Dehumidifier

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Cevical traction Device

The state of the art ALL IN ONE cervical care device that makes it possible for anyone to have a professional physiotherapy device at home, for their own personal use.

Hypertrax is the first multifunctional traction device that helps you to relieve neck stiffness, tension, soreness, improves flexibility and ranges of motion.

It utilizes four functions including Dynamic Neck Traction, Electric Pulse Therapy, Heating, and Auto-Modulating Technology.


A natural pain relief collar for neck pain, degenerative disc condition, cervicalgia, herniated/bulging discs, radiculopathies and many other aggravating symptoms.

Cervitrax™ is a cervical decompression brace that functions in three dimensions. It helps by safely stretching your neck and separating the disc and joint surfaces in your cervical spine (neck) , while keeping your head and neck in optimal position.