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The maintenance of hearing aids s
12.16.2022 | hiketree | Health Care

The maintenance of hearing aids should pay attention to four aspects: moisture-proofing, corrosion-proofing, shock-proofing and cleaning.
  I. Protection against moisture
  Keep your hearing aid dry. Dry the surface of the hearing aid with a soft cotton cloth (especially in summer).
  When not in use, place your hearing aid in a dry box and replace the desiccant promptly if it becomes discoloured.
  When washing your hair, bathing or swimming, always remove your hearing aids. If they get wet, place them in the drying box to absorb them or dry them naturally.
  II. Corrosion protection
  Protect your hearing aid from corrosion caused by battery leakage. If you do not use your hearing aid for a long time, you should remove the batteries and open the battery compartment or remove the batteries at night.
  Do not use corrosive solutions to clean your hearing aid.
  Prevent the hearing aid from being hit hard. The important elements of the hearing aid (microphone, receiver) are easily damaged by vibration.
  Do not drop the hearing aid on a concrete floor.
  After removing the hearing aid, place it in a safe place to avoid children or pets from falling or biting it.
  Clean the ear canal and the hearing aid at least once a week with a dry cotton ball.
  Keep the microphone and the sound transmission channel clear, clean the earplug or ear mould tube regularly of any dirt and water, and check the microphone for any foreign objects.
  For custom-made hearing aids, you should always remove any cerumen that is blocking the outlet of the receiver with a small brush and, if necessary, replace the cerumen baffle yourself.