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Cervical traction device home medical treatment device stretching neck physiotherapy inflatable neck brace to correct the spine

Cervical Neck Traction Device with 3 Power Traction Airbag Support

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  • Cervical traction device for treatment of cervical spondylosis
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • Nerve Root Cervical Spondylopathy
  • Cervical back myofasciitis cervical disc herniation

Because of long-term computer work, long-term use of smart phones, the hunchback caused by long-term use of smart phones, life pressure, busy life, long sitting on stools and lack of exercise, our cervical spine is easily fatigued, and more and more people are beginning to suffer from neck pain and cervical spine. problem.
Many people do not take cervical spondylosis very seriously, but if we do not take appropriate measures to solve this problem, the situation will become more and more serious as time goes by.
Due to long-term work on the computer, hunchback, stress, busy life, sedentary sitting and lack of exercise on smartphones, our cervical spine is prone to fatigue, and more and more people are beginning to suffer from neck pain and cervical spine problems.
Many people don't take cervical spondylosis seriously, but if we don't take proper actions to solve it, it will become more and more serious over time.
Surgeons, doctors and therapists are full of praise for neck traction devices and their benefits.
People with a certain form of neck pain-even those who are planning to undergo surgery, without painkillers and intervention, their lives will instantly become better.
This well-designed, universal neck brace is suitable for cervical traction, especially for relieving cervical and back pain caused by a herniated disc or a herniated disc.
HIKETREETRAX gently stretches the neck and relieves the pressure on the spine by pulling and separating the vertebrae.
It includes more spacers and traction supports than many other cervical traction devices.
Pain relief immediately-relax while inflating the device.
Helps regulate the neck-immediately relieves pressure and promotes healing.
Naturally eliminate pain-no medication or doctor is required.
Relieve bulging or protruding cervical intervertebral discs.
Relieve tense nerves, joints and spasm pain.
It is commonly used to restore the natural cervical curve.
The price is affordable-the same as seeing a chiropractor.
Easy to use and set up-out of the box.
Fully mobile-sitting, standing, walking or lying down.
Lightweight and portable-carry it with you.
It weighs only 2 pounds
Recommended-FDA and CE approved chiropractors.
3D Support-Provides additional support to ensure that the head is in the best position during traction.
Safe and comfortable-made of safe and high-quality medical ABS material.
New improvements in the 2021 version-the new design provides more comfort and better support.
The purpose is to reduce the pressure on the intervertebral disc between the vertebrae (spine bones) and adjust the neck to a natural curve of 20°, which can almost immediately relieve neck pain.
Help open the nerves and leave the spinal canal, reducing the pressure on the compressed nerves.
It allows healing nutrients to enter your neck and accelerates healing. Traction also helps stretch the muscles and joint structure around the neck.
Proper cervical traction can be the fastest natural way to completely stop neck pain for a long time.
Cervical traction is one of the best non-toxic ways to relieve mild to severe neck pain-without endless physical therapy or surgery.
If you have tried it in the clinic, you will know that it can immediately release all the pressure on your neck. With so much, you may wish to have one at home that you can use whenever you need it.
HIKETREETRAX has a self-rotating switch that can adjust the traction according to personal preference.
The bottom recoil pad effectively stretches the intervertebral space distance.
There are eight inflatable columns suitable for the cervical spine at the back end to keep the cervical spine close to 20 degrees.
Unlike many cervical devices, patients need to lie down or remain in a prone position during treatment. Some even look like medieval torture devices, with ropes and pulleys, hanging at the door!
The HIKETREETRAX collar can be worn upright anywhere and allows maximum mobility.
By using the FDA-approved innovative neck compressed air system, the pressure generated is just enough to release the tension between the vertebrae, intervertebral discs, nerves and intervertebral foramen, thereby immediately alleviating pain.
The soft foam collar conforms to the ergonomic design, follows the natural neck curve, and is supported by a three-point support mechanism.
Cervitrax includes a pneumatic waist belt and an independent frame, which provides traction along the physiological curve through the upper and lower screws and inflatable airbags on both sides of the L&R.
Safe, hygienic and reliable, it is made of medical ABS plastic, the same durable material used in hospital equipment around the world.
It is waterproof and can be easily disinfected with spray or wet wipes.
Metal parts and fasteners are non-corrosive stainless steel and never pop out.
Weighing only 2 pounds, the bracket is light in weight and very comfortable to use, whether at home, in the gym or in the office.
HIKETREETRAX is suitable for all adults. Its design allows you to take it anywhere, easy to use and easy to remove.
Whether you are a student, middle-aged or elderly, and the perfect choice for the elderly.
Many people will have neck discomfort symptoms, such as neck sinking, soreness, pain, etc. It is probably not cervical spondylosis, but due to neck muscles, ligament strain, fascia inflammation, or dislocation of cervical facet joints. Can not be diagnosed as cervical spondylosis, called cervical muscle strain. But even if it is not cervical spondylosis, it is only one step away. As cervical spondylosis occurs in the early stage of cervical muscle strain, it is easy to develop into cervical spondylosis if care is not taken seriously.