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Electric Accupressure Hand Massager - Palm and Finger Massage, Air Pressure Compress with Heat Therapy for Arthritis Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief Cordless Wireless Rechargable

Electric Accupressure Hand Massager

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Hand Massager for Hand Pain Relief of arthritis,Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Trigger Finger
"Ten fingers are the heart", Massage hands can not only good for brain, but also promote general health.
The electric hand massagers with air compression,3 automatic massage modes and heat therapy.
ELECTRIC HAND MASSAGER – Compact and portable compression massager ideal for hardworking hands that get tight, sore, and cramped.Improve blood circulation and relieve hand pain, helpful for joint pain relief from rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and finger numbness,soothe sore hands/wrists, tightening fingers, fingers coldness strain.
AIR COMPRESSION – Sequential pulsation air cells rhythmically pressurize the entire hand from the wrist through to the palm and fingers.
It squeezes your hand firmly and stretches the nerves and fingers straight out as well as provides slow warming and relief.
ARTHRITIS RELIEF – Warm air compression alone is good with anyone like with sore hands/wrists from typing.
Alleviate arthritis pain, minimize numbness and stiffness, and reduce symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
Cordless Lithium Ion battery never needs to be replaced and is rechargeable using a USB cord included.
MODES & INTENSITIES –The Default Mould is P1,with a total of 3 modes available.you can choose your favorite mode to massage