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2021 New 25W 660nm LED Red Light and 850nm Near Infrared Light Therapy Devices Large Pads Wearable Wrap for Pain

LED Red Light and Near Infrared Light Therapy Devices

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This device can use separately red lights or infrared lights for treatment - When the switch indicator is green, The first model is to turn on 660nm RED lights + 850nm NIR lights, The second model is the separately 660nm RED lights be turned on, The third model is the separately 850nm NIR lights be turned on.
15” x 7.2” Large Treatment Area and Powerful 25W led lights - Making treatment time dramatically shorter. Total 360 pcs medical red and deep penetrating infrared lights, penetrate deeply in the tissues. The Red infrared light therapy system is wearable and consists of a 15.7″ x 9″ x 0.5″ flexible pad, including 120 red light (660 nm ) and 240 invisible infrared lights(850 nm).
Red light therapy device can reduce aches and pain from chronic or acute pain in your neck, back, shoulder, knees, foot, hip, fingers, or lower back, from fibromyalgia or injury . At the same time, it can also help for muscle fatigue and soreness.
Pain Relief and Affordable: Red infrared light therapy device can effectively relieve pain without causing harmful side effects. Unlike traditional pain relief methods or expensive operations that can cause multiple side effects, our red light therapy is an economical way to relieve pain at home.
Red light therapy device can help you reduce aches and pain, which in an affordable and natural pain relief way at home or in trip.

           Neck                                      Shoulder                                  Knee                                      Back

The infrared light system combines 360 pcs medical grade infrared and red lights, which can function as a physical therapy instrument to a large extent. The wider light pad can cover the entire area of ​​the back, neck, arms, waist and shoulders. Physical therapy can ensure safe blood circulation stimulation, muscle relaxation, accelerate healing and relieve pain.
This treatment wrap penetrates into muscles and soft tissues through medical-grade LED lights to provide relaxation and relieve muscle spasms. It reduces the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis, and increases local blood circulation, which is conducive to safe treatment in many cases.

How to use:
Put it on the body and secure the belt. Plug into the power outlet. Press the on/off switch to activate the device. You can only see the red LED. Others are in the infrared spectrum and cannot be seen with our eyes. The automatic shutdown time is 20 minutes and can be used multiple times a day.
360 pcs medical grade LED lights
120 pcs visible red lights (660 nm) and 240 pcs invisible NIR lights (850 nm)
Since NIR LEDs are invisible to the naked eye, they do not seem to light up. However, they are as powerful as red light and can penetrate the human body more deeply.
1. Less than 3 pcs broken lights (360 pcs lights in total) will not affect the effect of the light therapy. When three or less lights are turned off, it can still work normally.
2. When using the red infrared light therapy wrap, please make sure your skin is cool and dry.
3. Do not hit or step on the light system, otherwise the light may be damaged.
4. Not for facial treatment.
5. Use 2-3 times a day, 20 minutes each time.
People with heart disease or pacemakers cannot use this device. Expectant mothers, people with skin ulcers and allergies should not use it.
Please be patient, it may take several weeks or longer to achieve the best relief. The situation of different people may be different because their situation may change and be complicated.