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Solid Wood Brass Doorbell Modern Gentle Doorbell Magnet Entrance Wind Chime Home Shop Wall Hanging Decoration Doorbell Refrigerator Door Sticker Glass Door Sticker

Solid Wood Brass Doorbell Door Sticker Glass Door Sticker

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  • 1. Little bird design: the shape of the little bird is smart and cute, and the ringtone is as crisp and sweet as the lark. Every time you open the door, you can hear a gentle voice. It creates such a space where you will be welcomed by "Welcome Back" every time you go home.
  • 2. Applicable scenarios: doorbells, wind chimes, refrigerator door stickers, bedroom door stickers, bathroom door stickers.
  • 3. All handmade: made of high-quality environmentally friendly walnut materials, unpainted, natural color, natural texture, lightness, luxury, elegant and smooth surface, and excellent hand feeling.
  • 4. The natural wood carving hollow series, craftsmen meticulously crafted, the simple style complements any interior decoration.
  • 5. The main body is made of natural logs and the bell is made of brass. If you have purchased this product and encounter any problems during use, please contact our Amazon email directly. We will reply as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Very time you open the door, you can hear a gentle voice. It creates such a space where you will be welcomed by "Welcome Back" every time you go home.

    The house is a warm haven. When you are empty, put down your work, slow down your life, and feel the feeling of home in the process.

    Percussion, make a beautiful sound, listen to the most authentic sound, remove the noise, the ringtone is melodious, and seek a calm feeling deep in my heart and heal the soul.

  • The breeze is breezy, The ringtone is faint

    Create a peaceful and far-reaching feeling with creativity

    The natural elegance of wood blends with the exquisiteness of copper bells

    Calling for the calm feeling deep in my heart

  •                The doorbell can be attracted by a powerful magnet. Not only iron doors, but also aluminum doors, wooden doors, and glass doors can be fixed with double-sided tape, so you don't have to worry about peeling off.
  • The brass bell is professionally adjusted by the tuner. It may be slightly loosened due to the influence of sound, but please do not tighten it yourself.
  • When opening and closing, the ringtone is crisp and melodious, quiet and melodious.
  • A healing modern doorbell, every time the door is opened, it will make a very clear and pleasant sound. Install the doorbell on the entrance door, and you will hear the sound of healing every day. Opening and closing the door has also become a pleasure.

    As a special gift, you can give it to your most precious friend.

    Installed on the refrigerator door, bedroom door, bathroom door, lightly bumps, the bell is melodious!